Why I Published Those Cartoons 

I have been asked in the comments section, about why I made this Blog.

In the beginning was the Word, and the word was Danish. When I created my Blog back in May 2004, it was in Danish, commenting mostly on the Danish Church - hence the name Bibelen, which means "the Bible" in Danish.

Persian_Icon of Muhammed
Icons like these were sold in Iran until after the Mohammed crisis.

My Blog had almost come to a stand-still - with no posts in September 2005 (when the cartoons appeared in Jyllands-Posten), and neither did I post anything in October and November.

Late December I got curious about all the hubbub about these cartons. Everybody talked about them, but nobody had seen them, so I wanted to see them for myself in order to form my own opinion - and let me tell you: They were hard to find! I searched for days, and being stubborn and technically minded I did at last succeed in finding them. But the point is: If you wanted to become offended back in December 2005, you had to work hard for it!

Having found the cartoons I then decided to post them in Danish to show my fellow Danes how harmless and bland these cartoons were - half of the so'called Mohammed cartoons don't even show Mohammed. I actually believed, that displaying them would defuse the anger. Yup, naïve.

To my surprise I discovered that the cartoons brought on a great number of visitors from the entire world. So I started retro-fitting some of the old posts into English. To my dismay I also received countless death threats in the comments section. So much for my contribution to world peace.

I started following the case around the clock - literally. I discovered that Danish imams were spreading false rumors in the Middle East, while on the other hand it was very hard to see why the cartoons were offending, since they in no way break Islamic law. Did I mention that Danish Islamic Society has repeatedly stated that the cartoons published in Weekendavisen were much more offending than those in Jyllands-Posten?

Copyright Danish Islamic Society
One of the drawings produced by the Danish Islamic Society.

I'm still waiting for 1,300,000,000 Muslims to explain why it was okay for the imams to publish and distribute these images.

Then came the revelation: Danish imams were spreading offensive images of Mohammed as a pedophile child molester. That's right, the double-tongued imams were talking about peace home in Denmark, while spreading offensive material of their own production in the Middle East and even showing them on the B.B.C.. And it wasn't only the Danish imams, the the Egyptian Foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, had 15 meetings with the Danish Foreign minister, where he assured that all was dandy - while Egyptian diplomacy helped giving the Danish imams access to spread their lies, distortions and false blasphemous Mohammed cartoons at all the major congresses in the Middle East.

For a while I thought that if only we could tell the Muslim world how the imams had fooled the Danes with their double dealings - and how the Danish imams had produced Mohammad cartoons that were far more offensive than anything ever published in a Danish newspaper, then the riots would fall down. That's why I worked arond-the-clock - investigating, translating, discussing and writing.

Yup, still naïve!

Well, eventually the rioters found themselves some new victims, an incautious word by the Pope, a Bangladeshi cartoonist, a Swedish artist, and currently it's a school-teacher who foolishly let her pupils name their teddy bear after a class mate called Mohammed.

Bottom line is, if you're a Muslim and if the cartoons offend you, don't blame Jyllands-Posten, who only posted them once, don't blame me, who knew nothing about them until the orchestrated riots had gone on for months, but blame the lying imams, who duplicated, published and distributed the cartoons all over the world, and who repeatedly and insistently have pushed their pedophile Mohammad cartoons into yours and mine faces.

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