Terri Schiavo 

The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLay af Frank Rich (N.Y. Times - kræver registrering)

Skarp kommentar, der viser, hvorledes religiøse hyklere bruger sagen om Terri Schiavo og hendes familie til at gøre reklame for sig selv.

Artiklen kræver registrering, men jeg bringer lige 2 citater:

"No less audacious was Tom DeLay, last seen on "60 Minutes" a few weeks ago deflecting Lesley Stahl's questions about his proximity to allegedly criminal fund-raising by saying he would talk only about children stranded by the tsunami. Those kids were quickly forgotten as he hitched his own political rehabilitation to a brain-damaged patient's feeding tube"

"The president was not about to be outpreached by these saps. The same Mr. Bush who couldn't be bothered to interrupt his vacation during the darkening summer of 2001, not even when he received a briefing titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.," flew from his Crawford ranch to Washington to sign Congress's Schiavo bill into law. The bill could have been flown to him in Texas, but his ceremonial arrival and departure by helicopter on the White House lawn allowed him to showboat as if he had just landed on the deck of an aircraft carrier."

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