Three imams and Mohammed
The French/Algerian journalist, Mohammed Sifaoui, who caught the Danish imams on candid camera, has written a book about the cartoon crisis - Dessins et Manipulations.

According to Sifaoui, the affair over the caricatures has demonstrated, how Islamists try to subdue the Western democracies with their religious dictates. But the affair has also functioned as a thermometer for courage and cowardice in the Western countries.

The front page is illustrated by Ramo, a Muslim artist of Algerian descent. The left side shows three imams producing fake Mohammed cartoons. One of them has made a drawing of Mohammed as a pig and says, "I have one, which will make trouble". The imams don't bear any physical resemblance to Kasem Said Ahmad, Ahmed Akkari or Abu Laban.

On the right hand side "Mohammed expresses himself at last" and says, "The first ones to insult the Muslim religion are those, who kill innocent people in the name of Islam."

Hello Ateist, I assume that you are the owner of this blog.
I was just wondering where you are from?
I am conducting some research and it would be helpful if I knew the context in which you post and your perspective.
I assume that you are from Denmark but just wanted to be sure.
Yes, I'm Danish. That's why I spell Atheist without an "h". :)
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very nice
why altogether cannot be interfaith the tolerance?
Great job! I love it, it's in and you're linked, thanks, stay safe!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't tease the poor Muslims
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