Let's start with some old news: Anti-Islam writer Fallaci said to be planning Mohammed cartoon

Feb 23, 2006, 13:47 GMT

Rome - Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist known internationally for her books lambasting Islam, is reportedly working on a satirical cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.

Giornale della Toscana, a local daily from Fallaci's home region of Tuscany, quoted the author Thursday as saying the drawing would depict the Prophet surrounded by 'his nine wives, including the child he married at the age of 70, his 16 concubines and a camel wearing a burqa.'

The unconfirmed report was immediately slammed by Italian Muslim leaders, who warned that it risked sparking angry reactions among followers of Islam.

Yesterday, Ms. Fallaci was interviewed by Flemming Rose (Sunday, Indblik page 7). At the end of the interview Ms. Fallaci says (my translation):

When the unrest started, people contacted me to get a statement, but I had nothing to say so I started making a caricature of Mohammed. It depicted a sensual exchange of glances between a she-camel and the prophet with all his wives lined up. The camel and the wives were wearing burqas, but the drawing didn't turn out well so I threw it away. I told about it at an awards handing ceremony. It triggered a scandal in Italy where a Muslim organization tried to sue me. For a cartoon which nobody has seen and which doesn't even exist.

I'm afraid that's the way it is, Ms. Fallaci:

Claus Seidel has received death-threats and is living under-ground, for making a respectful drawing of Mohammed.

Franz Füchsel has received death-threats and is living under-ground, for portraying Mohammed as a peaceful man.

Arne Sørensen has received death-threats and is living under-ground, for drawing a picture of himself.

Bob Katzenelson has received death-threats and is living under-ground, for drawing a picture of Kåre Bluitgen.

Lars Refn has received death-threats and is living under-ground, for drawing a picture a school-boy named Mohammed.

Denmark is supposed to apologize for the fake Mohammed cartoons produced by the imams.

Denmark should also apologize for a picture of a chair, which according to the imams is even more blasphemous.

Denmark is also supposed to apologize for cartoons, which which only exist in the mind of the imams.

And the Vatican is busy apologizing for a cartoon without Mohammed.

The good news is that all this apologizing is not in vain: Denmark scores poorly as global brand

However, Denmark may be through the worst and inching back to more normal relations with the Muslim world.

One sign was that the Arab League has said it backs Copenhagen's plans to stage a culture festival titled "Images of The Middle East" this year, the newspaper Information reported.

After a lot of apologizing the Arab League will graciously allow Denmark to stage a festival praising the culture of the Middle-East. Allah be praised.

Added: The interview is available in Danish at Snaphanen

Good post, they're nuts, Non-Muslims are of course not bound by Islamic dictates, just as Muslims are not bound by Jewish, Christian or any other religions' rules. Totally insane, people and governments MUST stand up to this, otherwise it will just get worse.

absurd thought -
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