Young Mohammed

"There's a rising tendency toward self-censorship."
Mother: "But what is the matter, Mohammed?"
Mohammed: "We were told to draw each other in kindergarten and nobody dared draw me"

Rasmus Sand Høyer has made another Mohammed-drawing. Let's pray to Allah that the consequences will be less severe this time. It can't be a picnic having to live with constant death-threats, just because some thin-skinned zealots want to impose their own political agenda.

A month ago Jyllands-Posten had received 150 death threats.

Cartoon to the right:

"An Indian minister has promised 10,000,000 dollars and the assassin's weight in gold, for killing the cartoonists."
Cartoonist to his wife: "I thought you were on a diet, Darling?"

More cartoons by Rasmus Sand Høyer.

Feel free to use 'Muhammed comes home from school cartoon' with english text here
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