From the Western Standard by Mark Stein:

The Danish cartoons story was a test, and the civilized world failed it. ..

[. . .]

It's summed up by the CNN technique: whenever the story comes up, they show the cartoons but with the Prophet's image pixilated. Watching, you wonder briefly if it's not your own face that's pixilated. Maybe you dozed off and fell face down in the blancmange and you're not seeing it properly. But no, you grab a towel and wipe your eyes and, when you look again, they're still doing it: the graphics department of a major news network is obscuring the features of a cartoon face. If you weren't paying attention, you'd assume Mohammed must have entered the witness protection program.

But, of course, its meaning is the exact opposite: it's CNN that's entered the witness protection program, or hopes it has. The BBC, disgracefully, did the Islamists' work for them, spreading around the world the canard that one of the cartoons showed Mohammed as a pig. No. That was one of the three fake cartoons added by the Danish imams in part because the original 12 were felt to be insufficiently incendiary. If it's an outrage for an infidel to depict the Prophet, isn't it an even greater one for a believer to do so? Who did those Danish Islamists hire to cook up the phoney cartoons and have they killed him yet?

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