Ahmed Akkari
This is just a trick-photo. Akkari hasn't really been muzzled
This time Ahmed Akkari was caught lying on the TV-station Al Arabiya.

He spoke about the imam-conference in Bahrain last week and claimed (Danish text, my translation) that the Danish imams had been muzzled by the Danish Foreign Ministry, and that their freedom of expression had been reduced:

In Denmark we were prohibited to speak about the conference. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has forbidden anybody from speaking about the conference before an official translation is available.

Foreign minister Per Stig Møller denies these allegations:

This is pure nonsense. I don't recognize anything of what he says. We have not, and we haven't had, contact with the travelling imams. I'm unable to account for this.

When Akkari returned to Denmark, he claimed (stop me, if you've heard this one before) that it was a misunderstanding, "I think it was formulated wrongly. What I wanted to say, what that the subject isn't being talked about here in Denmark"

A case of Alithiaphobia?
"Alithia" is Greek for "truth", and that certainly is greek to him.
I have linked to your blog at islamicevil.blogspot.com. Yours is one of several fine Danish blogs listed at my blog. Please keep up the good work.
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