One of the reasons that the Battle of Khartoon has escalated the way it has, is that certain parties have spoken with two tongues. They have advised Danes to be passive, while secretly stoking the fire in the Muslim world.

I have mentioned one example before: who are behind the riots? Kasem Said Ahmad, then spokesman for The Danish Islamic Community, told the cartoonists to relax "They didn't know how much the drawings would offend" and advised Jyllands-Posten to "come out with an apology because the drawings offended religious feelings" And while the cartoonists followed Mr. Ahmad's advice - and relaxed - and Jyllands-Posten took the advice - and apologized - Mr. Ahmad and his brethren went to the Middle East to spread their inflammatory lies and their own blasphemous cartoons.

This is truly a strange behaviour. Whom could it benefit?

Another instance was the two-tongued Abu Laban, who while in Denmark, said he was against the boycotts - and then went on al-Jazeera to say "If Muslim countries decide to boycott, and if Muslims feel that it is their obligation to defend the prophet, then that is something we can be happy about".

The Egyptian government is even stranger. Their Foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, has had 15 meetings and contacts with the Danish foreign minister, where he had assured him that relations between Denmark and Egypt were fine. In reality, Ahmed Aboul Gheit was preparing the ensuing boycott of Danish goods. He even said so in a report, until Politiken asked him about it (Danish text, my translation):

Until this week the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs claimed that it was the Egyptian foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who took the initiative to boycott Danish goods.

This appears from a report concerning the Mohammed-case, which the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs has produced.

Error in report

But when Politiken met the foreign minister this week, he sharply distanced himself from that part of his report: »That is an error in the report. We have never done that«, he says.

In the report it said that Egypt, few days after [Danish Prime Minister] Anders Fogh Rasmussen in October last year had refused to meet the Danish ambassadors, decided to spread an idea to boycott Danish goods.

Official note

»The foreign minister also requested that there should be sent an official note about the case to both the Arab League and the Islamic Conference [OIC], and that we should set forth demands for a boycott of Danish goods in all the Muslim and Arab world«, says the report.

Not the Prophet Mohammed
So the appeasing Egyptian foreign minister was quite openly preparing a "spontaneous" consumer boycott - and when caught by the Danish press, he said that the rest of the report was fine, but that particular part was a erroneous.

And if that isn't strange, he also claimed to have phoned the Danish foreign minister several times, while the the Danish foreign minister flatly denies having received any calls from Egypt at all (Danish text).

But in the next post we shall look at the strangest of them all (picture to the right): The Egyptian ambassador, Mona Omar Attia.

Dear Webmaster!

Greeting from Indonesian man!

First the all, I want to thank to Jyland-Posten news paper and to your PM, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen and also to you for revealing Islam.
You all have been making the west understand better about Islam - the Terrorist-Religion.

The Danes are brave people!

Double dealing/ tricking are not strange at all in Muslim eyes. Any Muslim can vow in the name of the Qur’an for lying, as long as to defend his religion. For Muslim any low in this world is nothing except Islamic lows – you will see this very well when they have power enough to show up!

Please tell to your nations leaders, don’t spent a lot of times and money for making a decision what to do with the imams (who made troubles to your country) – just send them out from your land or punish them – so that Muslims will gat a lesson!

(a persecuted Christian)
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