This is from the Bahrain News Agency. A bit boring, but I'll highlight the juicy parts:

An international Islamic conference will convene in Bahrain on March 14 to discuss consequences of the cartoons published by a Danish newspaper, defaming Prophet Muhammed, Head of the Bahraini Committee for Advocacy of Prophet Mohammed and Parliament Member, Shaik Adel bin Abdulrahman Al Maoudah said in a statement to the BNA.
Egyptian Mufti, Shaik Ali Juma'a, Shaik Youssef Al- Qaradawi, former Egyptian Mufti, Dr. Shaik Nasr Fareed Wasil, former Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahatier Mohammed will be among many other Islamic intellectuals to take part in the conference. Representatives from world-wide Islamic organizations will also be participating in the conference. Shaik Al Maouda disclosed to the BNA that Danish officials will likely take part in the event, affirming the participation of the Head of the Committee in charge of Defending Prophet Mohammed in Denmark, Raed Hilaihel. About 120 Islamic figures including American, British and European personalities are expected to participate in the conference, Al-Maouda added. The conference is aimed at discussing the impact of the cartoons and the steps to be taken to ensure non - reoccurrence of the defamation of Prophet Mohammed and religions in general, he explained. Also, the conference will focus on how to contain and rationalize angry reactions to avert sabotage or outraged behavior against westerners or followers of other religions, Shaik Al Maouda said.

We have met this Raed Hilaihel/ Hlayhel before in this Blog, when he was quoted in The Saudi Gazette as saying, "Every day pictures and articles are printed, which are even more serious and dangerous than those that were printed in September".

Abu Laban
Abu Laban: And we are also very dissatisfied with the tone (in the debate).
Raed Hlayhel inside mosque: Women are the tools of Satan
(Cartoon by Rasmus Sand Høyer)

Raed Hlayhel was the guy, who ten days after the publication of the 12 cartoons wrote; "'This type of democracy is worthless for Muslims,' [. . .] 'Muslims will never accept this kind of humiliation. The article has insulted every Muslim in the world. We demand an apology!". Every Muslim in the world! And this was long before Imam Abu Laban and Ahmad Akkari had a chance to prepare the Akkari dossier.

Raed Hlayhel is also famous for speaking out against women who use makeup and perfume. He has called women in general for "Satan's instruments against men", and demanded that they are covered from top to toe when moving around in public areas (Danish text).

Raed Hlayhel is imam at the mosque on Grimhøjvej in Brabrand, close to Århus. This is the mosque, where the Danish Guantanamo prisoner received his political training. According to B.T., the mosque in Grimhøjvej also contained a terror cell, which financed it's training courses with a number of brutal bank robberies (Danish text).

Raed Hlayhel is not a real fugitive - he and his family have received a humanitarian residency because his son is ill and needs treatment. And now he's going to Bahrain - to discuss how to "ensure non - reoccurrence" of the Mohammed cartoons. I wonder why he bothers to buy a return ticket.

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