Turn on your speakers and sing along, as the Danish imams launch their successful world tour with their mega-hit, Taqiyya: http://media.putfile.com/Taqiyya78.

Strictly speaking Taqiyya only means that a Muslim may temporarily renounce his faith to save his life - or for the preservation of the faith. But it's well known that religious zealots will twist their religion to any purpose. Why else would imams produce and distribute their own blasphemous Mohammed drawings?

I say, that if there is no imige of alla,aka ali how do they know the cartoons are of alla,aka ali?
beat;s me, how people can take a cartoon, a place a mental picture of alla or aka ali... you go figure...
all muslims do not believe in taqiyya only shia sect have belief in it so its wrong to say that its part of faith of muslims.
> "all muslims do not believe in taqiyya ....."

This only goes to show how religious zealots are able to twist their "holy" books to say anything they want.

How else can you explain that a believing Muslims makes his own fake Mohammed cartoons?
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