Akmed Akkari revealed
Expect to see a "fatwa" against Ekstra Bladet soon
Ekstra Bladet was able to reveal the man behind one of the false Mohammed cartoons, namely Ahmed Akkari, spokesman for the Danish Islamic Society, who - as everybody except the mainstream media knows by now - used a photo from a pig festival.

There's an interesting observation that the "artist" behind another false Mohammed cartoon - that of the pedophile demon - might by someone who has learned Arabic before learning the Western alphabet. More at the Volokh Conspiracy.

In the mean time everybody's keeping low. The Danish Islamic Society still refuse to tell where they found the false Mohammed cartoons, mainstream media refuse to cover the case (except for showing endless tapes of riots and death threats) - and Danes are requested by the Foreign Ministry to keep a low profile when traveling in the Middle East (picture to the left)

At least The Boston Phoenix were honest in explaining why they wouldn't publish the cartoons - and didn't spout any BS about respecting the feelings of over-sensitive, Muslims:
Woman: "Hans Ole! Maybe we should have stayed at home"
(Cartoon in Politiken).

out of fear of retaliation from the international brotherhood of radical and bloodthirsty Islamists who seek to impose their will on those who do not believe as they do. This is, frankly, our primary reason for not publishing any of the images in question. Simply stated, we are being terrorized, and as deeply as we believe in the principles of free speech and a free press, we could not in good conscience place the men and women who work at the Phoenix and its related companies in physical jeopardy.

On the home-front, Danish-Swedish conglomerate Arla was fined 5,000,000 kroner (796,394.67 USD) over market abuse (Link to Arla's own explanation). Danish consumers are in a dilemma at the moment. First we were told to boycott Arla because of the brutal methods they apply when squeezing out their competition - and now we are told to buy from Arla to re-compensate the money they lost when their Saudi dictator-friends sacrificed them. Arla be praised!

Straffelovens §100:
Den, som ved offentlige udtalelser tilskynder til, eller som fremkalder øjensynlig fare for fjendtlige forholdsregler mod den danske stat, straffes med fængsel indtil 6 år.
Stk. 2. Den, som ved offentlige udtalelser tilskynder til, eller som fremkalder øjensynlig fare for fremmed magts indblanding i den danske stats anliggender, straffes med bøde eller fængsel indtil 1 år.
Yes, it will be interesting to see if they've got the balls to use that paragraph against Laban and Akkari.
I live in Malaysia,and totally agree about the importance of freedom of the press.
Here the (Muslim) Government simply refuse an "unfriendly" newspaper access to press conferences,or even try to close down newspapers that don't toe the party (Islamic)line.
Three cheers for a paper with the balls to print.
i have been in the middle east and observed that they are all just religious following their blind prophet that's why no wonder one of their own defunct member called their book as "SATANIC VERSES" and that is the truth and always be the truth. their so called prophet had married a nine year old girl and that's pedophile and many more.........
if their prophet proclaims that he talked to an angel --- well well well IT MUST BE A FALLEN ANGEL !!!
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