Mohammed in Charlie-HebdoFrench satirical weekly, Charlie-Hebdo has reprinted the twelve "Satanic drawings". They had to spend some time in court first, because the French Muslim Council had requested a ban earlier this week.

Charlie-Hebdo added a new drawing of Mohammed hiding his face and saying, "It's hard to be loved by fools". Sales are reported to be way beyond expectations.

The story of the French pig-caller seems to have been crucial in alerting mainstream media to the false Mohammed drawings spread by the Danish imams. AP says photo included in Muslim protesters pamphlet misleading:

The brochure purported to show examples of anti-Muslim images from Europe, said Ahmed Akkari, a spokesman for the group. Included were 12 controversial drawings of the Prophet Muhammad that were published in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, he said.

The group received copies of the AP picture in threatening anonymous letters last year, Akkari said.

"We did not find it ourselves," he told the AP, saying he had been unaware of the origin of the photograph and said he believed it was sent to the group as an example of a provocation.

When told about the background of the original AP photo, Akkari said: "I have no comments.

"No comments" has been the standard answer for months from imam Akkari, spokesman for Islamisk Trossamfund (The Danish Islamic Society). It is a shame that the spokesman refuses to speak - I would like to hear about the origin of the image to the right, found on the Danish blog www.polemiken.net. It looks like Akkari, but it can't be, since the text on the cap says "French clown".

I'm glad the french paper has the balls to call out these falsafications and print the mockery that has surrounded this thing from the start
I am glad that YOU blog about it!! This and your previous post - all good.
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