As I have written earlier, The Danish Islamic Society has toured the Middle East with a case file to "prove" how Muslims are being persecuted by (in their own words) Infidel Danes (see: Drawings of Mohammed).
The Prophet in Weekend-Avisen
This material included the 12 drawings of Mohammed from JyllandsPosten, which I have already posted (see the top, right corner of this page) - and it included 3 really insulting images, which the imams ought to have quietly destroyed, but instead have chosen to immortalize by distributing copies all over the Middle East (Imams showed pedophile Mohammed).

The case file also included a silly page from the back of the newspaper WeekendAvisen. This page was printed November 10th 2005 and I have never heard about this page before it appeared in the imams' material - which of course was never meant to be published in Denmark.

According to the text in the case file "an almost extinct newspaper brought images that were more powerful and worse" i.e. worse than those in JyllandsPosten. This opinion was repeated in several newspapers 4th January 2006 by Kasem Ahmad, spokesman for Islamisk Trossamfund (The Danish Islamic Society) "WeekendAvisen has shown images that are worse than Jyllands-Posten. This is a campaign to insult Muslims in Denmark" (Danish article - my translation).

This is where you begin to feel that either Muslims are speaking with two tongues - or at least that the left hand knows not what the right hand doeth: Two days later, January 6th 2006, another leading imam, Fativ Alev, was interviewed. He was shown the "offending" page from WeekendAvisen, which was now almost 2 months old - a page which according to Mr. Ahmad was worse than JyllandsPosten (which has enraged 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide) - and Fativ Alev had never heard about this page before.

Fativ Alev took a few looks at the page and WeekendAvisen pressed him several times for his opinion (Danish article - my translation):

Reporter: "Our satire page is OK?"
Alev: "That is... yes, of course it is. I don't think it's funny, but I wouldn't say I'm insulted either. As humans we have different taste, and this isn't exactly my taste."

This is the prophet

So whom are we do believe? Ahmad or Alev? Has WeekendAvisen exceeded JyllandsPosten when it comes to hurling deadly and blasphemous insults at 1.5 billion Muslims - or was it a harmless joke, which nobody would ever have heard about if Ahmad hadn't included it in his propaganda material?

Let's look at a few samples. I have never seen the page myself, but luckily the imams have preserved the "blasphemy" for all eternity in their case file.

The alleged joke is that the newspaper's staff have a contest to paint a picture of the prophet:

Exhibit A: "This is the prophet" is the short recommendation from our furniture designer, who also wanted to participate.

Funny, no? I tend to agree with Alev, "this isn't exactly my taste".

Mother with Prophet
Exhibit B: "Mother with Prophet"

For those who don't know this old joke: If you don't know what to call an abstract painting, you can always label it "Mother with child". Funny, no? The worst picture on the page is a fin-de-siecle drawing of woman - a large beard has been painted on her face and the text says, "Can you prove perhaps that the prophet wasn't a woman?"

There's no need to go through all the non-funny non-jokes - none of which shows Mohammed - we already have Imam Alev's word that this is not blasphemous.

But we are left to wonder, how an Infidel Dane is supposed to know about Muslim laws, when two leading members can hold so diametrically different opinions.

Added: It turns out that the imams made a totally wrong translation of Mother with Prophet.

Added: I updated the original post to replace the illustrations with copies in colour and to add a copy of the original page.

What is it with the Muslums? Obviously they have no sense of humor, they worship a prophet wh admitted that much of his prophecy came from satan, was a paedophile and probably an epileptic. If they want to live in the tenth century and butcher themselves, fine. If they treat their women like dogs and the women take it, that's up to them. What I do in a free country with free speech is none of their business.If they come to MY country, they must accept MY customs.
I hate Muslims. They are trying to do to the world what Hitler did to the Jews and no one is standing up to them. Remember Kristallnacht! It is about to happen again!
fuck to man who drawing cartoon
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world ,whether you like it or not !..its a fact my friend .
Obviosly you people lack of respect of religion beliefs . and when it comes to mocking and disrespecting others religion ,thats where you go wrong , if people dont care about there beliefs , We Do (All Muslims) !we are very proud it.As well as we respect all other religions.
Im not trying to hate here.. -no ..i just want to make a point here , they shouldnt have drew those pictures.
Am not Muslim far from it infact. Am even in a country hardly affected by all the goings on. But i think that for this have to agree with the muslim's.
It is very wrong to disrespect another man religion due to the ongoings of political problems.
i for one would be extremely touched if Jesus was depicted in a wrong way (e.g Protests on the Davinci Code book) i believe we should leave our religious affiliation out of this. Things like this only make the current situation in the world worse.
There IS something rotten in Denmark-the Muslims.

I see the same thing happening here as I did with France's Muslim Uprising which was also premeditated and orchestrated by Iran.

This whole thing with the pictures is a pretext to attempt to cause a Muslim uprising and overthrow of the government and establish shariah law. The Muslims don't care any more about the pictures than they cared about the Muslim kid in France that accidentally electrocuted himself running away from the police.

Iran was behind the uprising in France, and they are behind this too

Muslims have made it clear they want to take over Europe (and the rest of the world too for that matter).

Read between the lines people.
Only one question needs to be asked....why do muclims want to only come and invade christian countries where there is so much freedom and capitalism, which is very anti Islam as stated in the Koran and only for the Infidels, instead of staying in their own countries with thier own Islamic "loving, peaceful fellow muslims"...quote unquote
You blow up innocent people and everything you do is when the back is turned . Gutless, gutless, gutless.
SUZIE.. wut is GUTLESS IS printing those offensive cartoons...don't go and and make stupid judgements on the actions of a few... ! the blowing up part is forbidden in our religion!!! and i have many reasons to believe that we are not even after the 9/11 atacks... get your facts right... ok"/?
> SUZIE.. wut is GUTLESS IS printing those offensive cartoons

Wrong. We have 200,000 Muslims in Denmark. I'm sure most of them are honest, hard-working people, but *some* are not.

We have had many extremely violent episodes involving Muslims. Take the murder of Theo van Gogh for one.

Printing those (innocent) drawings - and having the balls to stand for it - was very brave. I salute Jyllands-Posten and I have (5 minutes ago) taken up a subscription - even though I don't live in Jylland. Put your money where your mouth is.

> the blowing up part is forbidden in our religion!!!

I'm very reassured to hear that.

So you are giving me your personal word that 1,3 billion Muslims worldwide are trying to hunt down Osama bin Laden down for blaspheming your peaceful religion??
i read some of the comments that some of u people made and can i just say that u r dum def n blind n how dare u insult prophet muhammed or islam when u dont know nothing about him or da religion!!! u arragont fools pick up ur books and start reading!! and as for da muslim women treatin their wifes badly! how many muslim man do u know who cheat on their wifes!! its only u atheist backwards drunken fools who have no respect for woman who treat their wife or girlfriends badly!!!how many muslim pheodiphiles do u know!! open ur eyes and done talk rubbish wen u dont know all the facts!! and did u know after the september 11th 20 thousand people coverted to islam and 2 thirs were females!! so if islam is so bad why would so many women convert and also if its so bad why is it dat its da most fastest growing religion in the world!! i suggest u get ur facts straight b4 u start making judgements!!!!
PS:this msg if only for da people who insulted the religion or prohpet muhammed asfor da rest of u who have common sense thank ufor sticking up.
Muslims are missing the whole point about free speech. The existence of material that Muslims find offensive or otherwise in bad taste doesn't oblige them to agree with the point made in the work itself. It is not up to Muslims, or any other person or group of people, to decide for everyone else what they may or may not do! "Shoulds" or "should nots" are what they are- suggestions that others are free to follow or ignore. Muslims say, "The cartoons should not have been printed". So what? If they want to believe that the artist will go to Hell for it, fine. But keep your religious doctrine to yourself. A question: why don't Muslims feel so strongly about the display of the Virgin Mary splattered with feces? Certainly if it is wrong to denigrate another's religion, they should have stood up for this universal belief, instead of tacitly approve the mockery of Christianity, right?
Theo van Gogh called muslims goatfuckers, he was right, I feel sorry for the goats
Islam is the devils religion and has been for over a thousand years rest assured the lake of fire is preserved for them as well repent the time is near I dont hate them i feel sorry for them they are so brainwashed they dont even realize what they are doing the germans did the same thing saying it was their job and now muslims say the same thing history is repeating...
If you only know what u are saying is playin against u... then u would have taken every single word back. But its all up to the mighty one to judge you. Now repent until u have time to.....'disblievers'....
Ok... I want every Muslim to understand the freedom of speech.
But i still stand for what they say.(I DO NOT STAND FOR THE SUICIDE BOMBING)

Why even parody their prophet?
Most Muslims are more religious than most of us in the west and they take their religion more serious.
This you must understand.

They believe that Mohamed was the spokes man of god. Then you can understand that someone who is very religious takes him seriously.
If you had made a parody drawing of Jesus just a few hundred years ago then you would have been killed for heresy.
Have respect for others religion.
If i accidentally made fun of their prophet in front of a Muslim then i
will bow before them and beg for their pardons.

Many people think Muslims are dumb for saying that women in the west are sluts. They are not. Just look at the age Girls and boys in the west lose their virginity.
I understand that now you will start talking about child marriage.
Muslims have made a new way of looking at that: "If a Child is married away before she is ready and this makes complications then all shame is on the parents".
When you think about it then that is a very good way to look at it(for people who uses the old ways).

And to Anti-muslims: Just because a few fanatical Muslims blow up stuff then it doesn't mean that all Muslims are Evil.
Their religion is rapidly growing but that doesn't make em evil.
Thy treat their Women like crap?
There is no point in the Korean that says that men shall/should do that.

I really hope you people understand that someone who have a close bond to their religion doesn't like that it is made fun of.
c dommage !! vraiment c dommage de lire tous ça , si vous voulez vraiment comprendre l islamil faut que vous chercher dans les livres et parler avec des gens spécialistes qui savent bien l histoire de l islam , c pas bien de dire n importe quoi !!! le dieu allah notre dieu est votre dieu et qui est certainement le dieu de tous le monde nous apprend kil faut respecter tous les gens et tous les religion soit les christiens oubien les jewifs , et pour la femme musulmane l islam lui donner tous ses droits et si les majorités des hommes musulmans veulent pas donner les femmes ses droits et vraiment c dommage mais le dieu sais et voi ; et le jour viendra et tou va bien mais ce que je veux franchement le dire que les femmes de l ouest sont dans un cas plus mauvais que les femmes musulmanes car les hommes prennent comme des appareils de sexe et biensur il faut savoir que ya le mauvais et le bien partout , et pour finir je suis une fille musulmane le koran m apprend de respecter et d aimer et pardonner tous les monde et biensur il faut pas oulier quand est tous des etres humains .
When I read the comments that insult Islam and the prophet PBUH, I am reassured because I know that these haters of Islam will destroy them self’s due to their ignorance, loathing and resentment. I am sure the day will come when they will cry blood and they will be eaten by regret for what they are saying .I feel sorry for them they are lost and disorientated . As Muslims say, peace be upon Jesus and Moses who are innocent of what these haters say. Salem alaikom and peace be upon Mohammed the prophet of Allah.
I bought a teddy bear for ten quid, just sold it on ebay for twenty. Now I've got the f*cking Sudanese muslims after me for making a prophet out of a teddy.
I was surprised how British muslims reacted to the Danish cartoons. I thought: "How can you get this worked up about a cartoon?" But then I remembered how angry I was when they gave Scooby Doo a nephew.
A muslim was saying to me today,

"If the whole world was muslim then there would be no swine flu because we don't eat pork".

I replied, "yes, and if the whole world was Atheist the twin towers would still exist".
My new muslim Girlfriend keeps talking about a blow-job.

I don’t know whether to get my cock out or to warn London transport..........
A guy goes in an adult store and asks for an inflatable doll.

The guy behind the counter says, "Male or female?"

The customer says, "Female"

The counter guy asks, "Black or white?"

The customer says, "White"

The counter guy asks, "Christian or muslim?"

The customer says, "What the hell does religion have to do with it?"

The counter guy says, "The muslim one blows itself up!"
After it emerged that a man locked his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and inflicted beatings and rape, the world reacted with shock upon hearing the news. All except the muslim community who couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.
A mate of mine was explaining that the reason muslim women wear veils is so that no man will find her sexually tempting. But surely that could be achieved much more easily by her NOT wearing a veil.
A copper stops a muslim leading a cow down the street.

He asks "What are you doing with a cow in the middle of town?"

"I'm taking it home to keep it in my house."

"What about all the flies and shit?"

"It will just have to get used to them."
In my country we don't negotiate with muslims we shoot and negotiate they have been know as traitors, since i was 12years old now I`m 54 yrs. old they always fight you when your is back turned against them, I live in the country where the ABU SAYAF are, No wonder only ISRAEL was ABLE to subdue them, They have always justified killings and bombings and terrorism with their jihad, a dictate by their imams and clerics who are the descendants of HITLER they have been traitors since time immemorial, they have always been and always will. They are planing to convert the world to ISLAM, they are dreaming. for it will never happen not on my watch.
mohammed new picture.
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