Israel is attacking Hezbollah in Lebanon and the civilians are getting worried. Strangely, a large proportion of the Lebanese population turns out to be Danish (5,000 people), Swedish (6,000) or Canadian (30,000). Apparently lots of people, who have received asylum, are now on vacation in the very country from which they have ostensibly fled.

Akkari hiding behind the Danish flag.

Luckily, the Danish embassy which was burned down in February is functioning again. But it turns out that one of these people with Danish passports Danes is none other than Ahmed Akkari - one of the lying imams, who travelled the Middle East with their fake Mohammed cartoons and thus were directly responsible for the embassy burnings.

Danes, Swedes lead evacuation race (CNN)

The Danes got a test run in crisis management earlier this year when newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad triggered violent protests against Danish embassies in Muslim countries.

One of the Danish Muslims who spearheaded the rallies against the prophet drawings, Lebanese-born Ahmad Akkari, was among those evacuated from Beirut on Thursday.

"My impression is that the transportation has been safe and that no one has been suffering," Akkari told Denmark's TV2 channel as he boarded a Greek ferry chartered by Denmark.

Ahmed Akkari has Danish citizenship since he only received a suspended sentence for violence in 2001. His wife and daughter are not Danish, but have now received a temporary residency permit.

So Akkari and his family are going to Denmark. This time Akkari is neither burning the Danish flag - nor trampling on it - but hiding behind it.

Added: Fixed typo, 30,000 Canadians - not "30,0000" (thank you, Unright@Fark).

Added: According to Danish Television (Danish text), 5,300 people have been evacuated. 47 of these weren't Danish citizens but have received a 90 days temporary residency permit (this group includes Akkari's wife and daughter). Among the evacuated are at least 10 criminals, who were expelled from Denmark for a period of no less than five years, but who have been granted a visa.

forbandet kakalak
Akkari altsaa...ikke dig, bloggeren. Tak fordi du goere os opmaerksom paa det her. At DK bringer ham tilbage er bare fucked op
> "Akkari altsaa...ikke dig, bloggeren."

Ok, så er jeg rolig igen. :-)
Sick, sick, sick!!!!!!!!!

G-d Help Us!

Jeg skal nok lige forklare dig, at jeg igår sendte Charles @ LGF et link til din side og denne artikel - derfor den pludselige udenlandske trafik

Thanks, I appreciate that - really. :-)

But at the moment Fark.com are sending 20 times as many visitors as LGF are.
"wake up white people!"
remove his spine so he lives, but cannot spead, read or write. Then, torture his family in front of him and kill them. Rape his wife, then kill her. Then, put him in an Isreali home for the destitute in which to spend his days.
Ja, sådan et Dannebrog har mange anvendeligheder...
Why Denmark lets this hypocrit asshole and his family in? Are they crazy or what???
they'll kill him there , i'm sure
This way he is never going to get his 72 virgins.
There's a perfectly clear case against this asshole for incitement to riot, and there are dozens of deaths directly traceable to his activities. Let him into Denmark? Sure, and make him a nice, cozy cell for a life term in prison.
You Danish are morons to accept such an idiot into your country.

Excuse me! Please remember who is attacking Lebanon. Is somebody like Ahmad Akkari not allowed to leave a country that is wrongly bombed by Israel?
I love danish girls!
All those people that fled their home-country and are now on holliday in their home-country should be kicked out. To start with that Akkari ass-hole!!!
Yo dutchman! not to faul the netherlands, but we have a lot of lying assholes among ourselfs too, look at ayaan hirsi ali! The thing is that denmark should lynch this akkari for telling lies and bringing risc to thousends of inocent danish people. What will happen if one of those retarded camel-lovin' arabs sees those pictures that akkari produced and decieds to bomb the subway for instance...
Send the jihad-mongering drama queen back to where he came from.
"Is somebody like Ahmad Akkari not allowed to leave a country that is wrongly bombed by Israel?"

BUT .. WHY does he return to a country that he seemed to hate so much (remember 'those cartoons')?

WHY doesn't he ask his brother Muslims, in other Muslim lands, to take him in? He wouldn't even have to stay in the Middle East, he could go to Indonesia. Indonesia is Muslim.

Can't understand why people who hate the DECADENT West don't move somewhere else where lifestyles, customs, culture, etc.. are better suited to them.

If I was living among people who offended me, I'd leave. Why does he want to return?

By AnonB
It's like here in Holland: they hate the western culture, but live in it and earn money from it.

I say: go back and stay there !!.
If this man can be proved to have incited the burning of the Danish Embassy, through falsifications then perhaps he should be tried for that. But, it may not be clear under what jurisdiction. The Hague, perhaps.
This has something to do with 'Al-Takeyya': permission to lie in islam for muslims own gain.

It's common in islam en this is why islam will penetrate and abuse western civilized world.

Link: http://www.islamreview.com/articles/lying.shtml

Anonymous @ 3:20 PM

WTF? Is it a pleasure to be dum?
Why is Denamark Goverment so stupidto take back those assholes?
Le them stay there. They hate the West and love islam, well then go to Syria or Egypt.
Incredible how many "westerners" are living in the tolerant Lebanon. As the above article ironically hints at: these bastards are hiding behind the very flags and countries they despise. I'd say, shoot the fuckers on arrival.
Go Denmark and please realize that Israel is not the instigator in this matter.
The civilian casualties occur because Hizbollah and Hamas and ALL Islamists HIDE behind the old the women and the children. They do not even show themselves in a uniform. That right there tells you where the evil lives.
May god save Scandinavia them from these islamic bastards
Denmark: Stand Strong!
Hey Danemark!

Why your government did such a stupid thing?!
I'm feeling like a bullshit, in this western world loosing all the great values from the past :(

A french guy, living in France, a declining muslim country...
This goes to show that Islam is as hypocritical as Christianity!
But we westerners have learned from the past, and are civilized, therefore can forgive people for being uneducated, “blind” or plain stupid.
By accepting people like him shows us as civilized people and him as a coward seeking comfort in the same country he tried to ruin, shame on him, good for Denmark.
I am sure he will feel good walking the Danish streets, where bombs are not falling on every 5 min.
The only matter that concerns me is, what are the 5000 former asylums seekers doing there anyway?
I think the Danish GOV needs to check their backgrounds a little.
As for Israel and Lebanon, they are both to blame, and are both being misused by other GOV’s for political gain(cause there’s no money or oil in either country)

The Dane
as long as the quran can spread the hate and violence, there will be war.


the profet was a pedophile (aisha was SIX when he married her, aged 54, and she was NINE when he consumated the marriage, meaning the prophet actually fucked a little nine year old girl, the daughter of his best friend)

the prophet was a murderer, a plunderer, he calls to arms not love, his followers are a band of robbers. And the muslims will kill anyone standing in their way.

muslims want to rule the world, and submit all people to the evil that islam is.

Fight facism. Fight islam.

'And slay them wherever ye find them ... Such is the reward of disbelievers.' (quran)

in my country, it is illegal to promote violence. Then WHY is is legal to promote islam?

islam has nothing to do with peace, and everything with voilence, women beating, murdering people who try to flee islam...

islam is truely the new facist ideology.

Fight fire with fire. Violence is the only language islam understands.

there are 2 kinds of muslims: those who commit violence/murder for allah, and those who try to cover those evil deeds up (also known as moderate muslims), creating a smokescreen.

dont believe islam is peace. The dead, victims of allah, tell us a different tale...

Throw all muslimfacists out of your country, before they take over!
Welcome to Eurabia, full of stupid politicians who invite the trojan horse of the "religion of peace"

In Denmark, 5% of the population are muslims, causing 40% of Denmark's total welfare budget.

France and the Netherlands have already been converted into dhimmi-countries.

Germany is the next, driven by the so-called 68ers who hated their fathers and thus want to install Islam in the heart of Europe.

In 2050 the Dome of Cologne will be called the Claudia-Roth-Mosque!
i like the paintings of muhammed, he looks like shit anyway !
Denmark rules muhammed not :p
late but hopefully not to late i found your blog. thank you for alowing me to add this article to my page. all the best!
Sheesh...I wish the news here in the States would run articles on stuff like this. What a complete and utter weasel.

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