Prominent imam to leave Denmark

Imam Ahmed Abu Laban said he has felt humiliated in the aftermath of the cartoon controversy, which led to riots around the world, and that he would leave Denmark to return to Gaza with his family, the Jyllands-Posten newspaper wrote.

"I have recently felt that I am being viewed as a simple terrorist. No human being can accept that. It is an extreme humiliation," Abu Laban was quoted as saying. "I have taken the decision to leave Denmark."

Abu Laban, who settled in Denmark as a Palestinian refugee in the 1980s, has repeatedly accused Denmark of being disrespectful of Islam and Muslim immigrants.

"I believe that the Islamic cause has been a test for the Western democracies. I believe it has been proven that the Western democracies have no room for human rights," he was quoted as saying.
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Bye bye, Laban
Goodbye, Cruel Denmark

Actually Laban has "threatened" to leave Denmark for several months now, and it appears that he hasn't fully made up his plans yet. When EkstraBladet phoned the Laban household last night, his daughter said she was aware of her father's statements, but that it still wasn't finally decided.

JyllandsPosten adds (my translation)

Abu Laban says that he has done all he could and has worked around the clock to create dialogue between Danes and Muslims.

He adds that he could have done the opposite of working for a dialogue:

"I could have created a rebellion. I could have created a Hell here in Denmark. I could make Muslims strike hard. But I have behaved myself with a very high standard for Islamic behaviour [. . .]"

Speaking of Hell and other threats: Spokesman Kasem Ahmad (see here and here warns against possible unrest: There may come "a reaction" against Danish politicians Naser Khader and Pia Kjærsgaard, because they wanted Laban to leave. (Danish text): "There are somebody who's paying a high price for Abu Laban leaving. Maybe there wil come a reaction from people who can't control themselves."

Fathi El-Abed, deputy chairman of Democratic Muslims, disagrees: "I believe anybody in their right mind can see that Abu Laban has pushed himself out of society. He has been in Denmark for more than 20 years without understanding the society he lives in. And then he accuses the society of not understanding him."

Another expert, Helle Lykke Nielsen, fears (Danish text) that Abu Laban's absence will give room for more extreme Muslim leaders from the younger generation". Hey, Laban is a Salafist and member of the Muslim Brotherhood - how can you get more extreme than that?

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Update: It turns out that Laban is not about to leave: (Danish text)

Imam Abu Laban has no plans to leave Denmark voluntarily. Abu Laban says so now, after several media Thursday reported that he has given up on Denmark and is on his way to Gaza with his wife and youngest children.

However, should his residency permit be revoked, he would be prepared to leave at once.

- I have never said I wanted to leave Denmark voluntarily. But if the law says I have to leave, then I'll leave of course, says Abu Laban to Ritzau´s bureau.

- I am here in Denmark and well satisfied. In principle I would like to stay, Abu Laban stated Thursday evening in TV2's program "Go' aften Danmark".

Leaving. Not leaving. Extreme humiliation. Well satisfied.

Does anybody know what he's saying? Does he even know himself?

I guess very few would miss this idiot if he left Denmark forever.

Ateist, what do you think of this topic which is quite related to what you've been reporting in your blog:

Sorry for the delay, I've been away for a few days.

> "Ateist, what do you think of this topic which is quite related to what you've been reporting in your blog:"

> "http://www.dw-world.de/dw/function/0,2145,12215_pg_4,00.html"

Er? The article is headed "Thousands flee Indonesian volcano". I don't have any particular opinion on that ;-)
Damn. And now it's about the German spying scandal and Merkel. Argh. It seems that DW keeps the same URL but changes the news topic there. The one that was there when I linked was about the dozens of thousands in Pakistan attending the burial of a man died in a German prison (by suicide, by the Islamist conspiracy theorists he was of course murdered) after he was arrested for trying to kill a German editor who published the Muhammad cartoons.
> "by the Islamist conspiracy theorists he was of course murdered"

I read about and thought how the Pakistanis' reaction mirrors that of the Cartoon Jihad:

1) The family asserts that he was killed - without offering a shadow of proof.

2) 1.3 billions automatically trust the Muslim family, rather than the Kufar (infidel) justice system. Of course nobody bothers to check the facts, since they all know that Kufars are evil and Muslims are good.
Off the topic here but as this is the latest thread anyway...

Great news from Finland:

Great stuff, really amazing job!

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