I just found some terrible, insulting jokes, so naturally I have to inform the whole world. Please note, that it's not a sin to pass on blasphemous and racist insults. Just like the imams made sure that everybody in the Middle East would see the cartoons from Jyllands-Posten and Weekendavisen.

But these are so much worse.

The advantages for Danish women of converting to Islam:

  • They escape the eternal discussions about, who's going to arrange Christmas Eve for the family.

  • At last they can find a use for their Charlotte Sparre-scarfs, which have been stored away in a moth bag at the back of the drawer.

  • They get an opportunity to combine the spiritual with the practical, since they can mop the floor and pray at the same time.

  • Camping trips will be much easier, when you are always wearing a tent.

  • They won't have to shave their legs.

  • Ooh - that's insulting. Calling the burqa a tent. Ouch. Comparing the movements a praying Muslim with those of a scrubbing woman. Double ouch. Saying that Muslim women neglect their personal hygiene. Ouch. Ooh. Yah. Eeek. The agony, the ignomy.

    Somebody call Tøger Seidenfaden, somebody call Politiken. This is what Seidenfaden calls Insult, Mock and Ridicule. Somebody ..... hey wait. These racist jokes are published by Politiken and republished by Politiken's publishing house in At tænke sig Årgang 2005. Oops.

    Yu fukin dumb prick you think your funny? Your so sad being all racist when you people dont have the fucking balls to say it to our faces coz we'll beat the fuck iouta ya assholes!
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