Racism takes many shapesImmediately following UN's poster-fiasco, a new scandal pops up.

UN's Special Rapporteur, Doudou Diéne, had leaked a report where he calls Danes Racists and Xenophobes.

It now turns out that Mr. Doudou Diéne has never visited Denmark before writing his report. Danish foreign minister, Per Stig Møller, says (Danish text, my translation) "UN's Special Rapporteur on racism and intolerance, Doudou Diéne, before producing the report, has neither visited Denmark nor consulted the Danish government.". The report was never sent to the Danish government, and no reaction was asked for.

This explains the very strange description that Mr. Diéne has of the cartoons. From Agora's translation:

This newspaper published, September 30, 2005, 12 caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed. Inter alia, three of these caricatures show: the head of the Prophet wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb with a lit wick, the Prophet in the likeness of a devil holding in his hand a grenade, and the Prophet offering virgin girls to committers of suicide bombings.

The first part is true - everybody has seen the cartoon with the bomb-shaped turban.

But the cartoon with "the Prophet in the likeness of a devil" is one of the fake Mohammed cartoons made by the Danish imams. And this devil doesn't have a grenade in his hand.

The third one is wrong too: "the Prophet offering virgin girls". The whole point of Jens-Julius' cartoon is that the Prophet is not offering virgins. "Stop, stop. We have run out of virgins."

So not only has Doudou Diéne not visited Denmark and not consulted the Danish government, but he hasn't even seen the cartoons he's condemning.

If you want to write a UN report about a foreign country, you have to visit it, Mr. Diéne. Don't Doudou this at home.

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