Danish imams are still feeding Arab papers with their lies. The Saudi Gazette quotes the Danish imam Raed Hlayhel for saying, "Every day pictures and articles are printed, which are even more serious and dangerous than those that were printed in September" (Danish article).

Pathetic! Then it should be easy for the imams to give just one example. Or maybe he agrees with the spokesman for "The Danish Islamic Society", Kasem Ahmad, that a picture of a chair is blasphemous.

Gentle Arab cartoon
Un-insulting, un-blasphemous, un-racist picture of a Jewish person in Arab newspaper.
So what is Denmark supposed to excuse? The 12 drawings that were published 4 months ago? Or a picture of a chair? Or the really blasphemous drawings produced by the imams? Or the "far more serious and dangerous pictures", which only exist in imam Raed Hlayhel's imagination?

I wonder how these people - many of them living on Danish welfare - will ever be able to look a Dane in the eyes again.

While we're waiting for the PM and the queen to apologize for something - anything - it's good to be reminded of the totally un-insulting, un-blasphemous, un-racist ways in which Jewish people are portrayed in Arab media

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