The source of one of the imams' false Mohammed drawings has been located. The person with pigs' snout and ears turns out be a Mr. Jacques Marrot performing in the French Pig-Squealing Championships.

In tomorrow's edition of EkstraBladet, spokesman for Islamisk Trossamfund (The Danish Islamic Society), Ahmed Akkari, will be confronted with this information. This will be interesting since Akkari has so far refused to discuss his information booklet with the press in general - in fact he has even "punished" EkstraBladet and B.T. by refusing to say anything at all to these two papers.

The text from the imams' information booklet has been translated into Danish by EkstraBladet, with an English introduction. You can read an English translation of the Danish translation - with comments - at The Counterterrorism Blog

I can understand the whole enchilada with the muslim's about the pictures.I think they need to wake up and smell the coffee right now they are not the most popular people in the world and beside the point what muslim's are trying to acomplish by behaving like animals just because they do not agree with the pictures.
It's unfortunate that some people, Muslims and others, believe that their own relationship to God (or their religion) can be controlled by what others do. I am not a good or bad person because of what you say; I am a good or bad person because of what I do.
I can't understand how the muslims who are rioting and causing damage and death can say with any belief that they are true Muslims. True Muslims follow the teaching that embrace non-violence! Also, how is it these people have so much time on thier hands that they can riot? What about getting a job?
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