It should be obvious by now, that all the violence and threats has little or nothing to do with the 12 relatively innocent drawings that were published in a far-away country four months ago. Even if you add the false Mohammed drawings produced by the Danish Imams, it still doesn't add up. (If you haven't seen the imam's propaganda material, then look here).

Even the White House has realized that something is rotten outside the kingdom of Denmark:

We will hold Syria responsible for such violent demonstrations since they do not take place in that country without government knowledge and support," said presidential press secretary Scott McClellan.

This blog will therefore enter its fourth phase in which we'll take a look at the question: Who are behind the riots?

To begin with, let's look at a two months old article. I'll translate the old Danish article and add my comments. This article is from the beginning of December, after death threats from far-away Pakistan.

[Islamic] Society calms down artists

03-12-05: 15:30 | by: stse

The Danish Islamic Society calms down the artists behind Jyllands-Posten's pictures of the prophet Mohammed:

As I have explained before, they call themselves "The Danish Islamic Society", which may lead to you believe they represent the 200.000 Danish Muslims in Denmark - but in fact they speak for no more than 15.000 - including children.

A closer inspection of their complaint against JyllandsPosten, reveals that out of the 28 organisations, some are counted twice, some does not exist and most of them had never been asked. At least three of these organisations had the guts to state to the newspaper EkstraBladet that they did not want to appear on the list, but they had never been asked.

The religious leader, Abu Laban, explained the difference from 15,000 to 200,000 as "truth with sales tax".

The artist shall remain calm and not let it influence their world. They didn't know how much the drawings would offend, when they were hired for the work" says Kasem Said Ahmad, press spokesman for the society.

Actually JyllandsPosten had asked several experts before publishing, and had received the same answer as I have posted before: The prohibition against drawings of Mohammed is disputed - and any prohibition there might be, only applies to believers.

But even if JyllandsPosten hadn't asked the experts, they would have been excused. Current spokesman for the Society, Ahmed Akkari, has explained that unbelievers are not even allowed to touch the Koran (Akkari in Danish). So how would the artists know?

I myself became so offended over the drawings that I almost got sick and could become a terrorist - if I didn't have control over myself", he admits.
"But there is no taking the laws into ones own hands in Islam. Death threats are immoral, un-Islamic, un-Danish and not relevant in Denmark," the spokesman explains.

My emphasis. Remember these words, "I almost got sick and could become a terrorist".

Wanted to put a lid on the Mohammed-strife

Kasem Said Ahmad thinks that the only solution to the whole affair is, that Jyllands-Posten, who brought the drawings, should come out with an apology because the drawings offended religious feelings. At the same time the paper should emphasize that the purpose behind bringing the drawings was to strike a blow for free speech", thinks Ahmad.

Good advice, Mr. Ahmad. Since then, JyllandsPosten has made at least 13 editorials explaining that they never intended to insult Muslims' feelings, but that we can't have a democratic society with free speech as long as one group - Muslims - demand special treatment.

And after you, Mr. Ahmad, made it a global concern, JyllandsPosten have re-iterated their explanations and apologies in English and Arabic.

What the spokesman fears most of all - after a Islamistic party in Pakistan sent out death threats against the 12 artists - is what an unstable person in Pakistan might do, were he to run into a Dane.

Tomorrow The Islamic Society of Denmark will send a delegation to Egypt. Here it is to meet the chairman of the Arabic League and the foreign minister of Egypt in order to debate the case about the drawings in Jyllands-Posten.

"We want to ask for help from theologians, who can come to Denmark and tell about Islam," explains Ahmad.

He himself is traveling to Beirut to tell youth organisations in the Arabic Initiative, which the Foreign Ministry stand behind, about the drawings.

Copyright Danish Islamic Society
False Mohammed drawing. Courtesy of Mr. Ahmad - spokesman for the Islamic Society

So Mr. Ahmad and his cohorts will tour the Middle East with his propaganda booklet, where he has a copy of the 12 drawings that "almost made him sick and could make him become a terrorist" to make sure that everybody in the Middle East will see the drawings so they in turn can "almost become sick and almost could become a terrorist" as well.

And just in case the pictures weren't bad enough to "almost make them sick and make them become terrorists", Mr. Ahmad has added his own false Mohammed drawings to ensure that everybody in the Middle East "almost become sick and almost could become a terrorist".
Copyright Danish Islamic Society
False Mohammed drawing. Courtesy of Mr. Ahmad - spokesman for the Danish Islamic Society

And for the benefit of those who doesn't read newspapers, imam Abu Bashar goes on al-Jazeera and BBC to be really sure that the entire Muslim world "almost become sick and almost become terrorists".

And if images aren't enough, then their propaganda material will tell you that the 12 innocent images in JyllandsPosten are a part of a campaign to persecute Muslims. No mention of Theo van Gogh or Muslim street gangs - no attempt to explain the threats against free speech.

Nobody has been hurt yet, Mr. Ahmad. But when it happens their blood will be on your hands.

That's a good question who's behind this well organized campaign. It could not have started suddenly in many countries. TV shows a 'spontaneous' crowd of people with Danish flags and banners in front of a Danish Embassy - the pictures are very similar for different Islamic countries including India. A small note - I hardly believe that one can easily find a Danish flag in a shop in Jakarta. Then I conclude that somebody made arrangements.
The Chechen Deputy Prime Minister said yesterday that Chechna is closed for Danish organizations forever...
The notorious cartoons were first published last September. But why has all this shit around Denmark started now? Are we - I mean Europe - being prepared for a new justified invasion in the Middle East? See more details and similarities in 'Farenheit 9/11'.
PS. Pure Norway and others! They simply shared the premises for their embassies with you and suddenly found themselves in the epicenter!
One Russian senator said yestreday that Russia may be a good example for the West on how different religions can coexist in one country for centuries. That's bullshit! We also have a time-bomb under the chair - the Muslims. It has always been a problem for us in Russia... maybe except for "old good" Soviet time when everything was fully controlled of the Communist Party and the Army. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Boris Yeltsin stated that "Chechnya may take as much freedom as it can". And they took.. The Russian Army was forced to leave the Russian territory leaving guns and tanks behind for Chechens - they were very soon aimed at our soldiers... The Russians citizens - many of them were born in Chechnya - lost their homes and were displaced. Many were killed... I'm not going to justify "the counter-terrorist operation". It has not finished and I'm not sure if it will ever do. The only thing I know that it was Muslims including Arabs who took the children hostage in Beslan. Instead of fighting against troops, the Muslims prefer to show their power to unarmed kids and their teachers. I don't think you have ever seen on your TV the video taken by the parents at the school opening ceremony in Beslan on that day, just minutes before the hell started...
I think Denmark and other European countries made a great mistake having opened their borders for people from Islamic countries. Don't be silly, they are not going to assimilate in your country but to push you out. They even don't have to take weapons. Their families have five or more children while most of you - and us - have only one or none. In a few years this people will raise the question of the second state language in your country - guess which one? And then you are gone!
And again, it was the Russians who built industries in Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan etc. When these republics became independent in 1991, all Russian engineers and other specialists had to leave. You may only guess what the level of life is now in these free countries.
Sometimes when I walk in a street in Moscow I feel like a foreigner - the city is full of this fucking black-haired people who behave like they are the masters.
Lately the Muslims have started discussions about building a mosque in the Russian City of Sergiev Posad, the heart of the Russian Orthodox Church. Can you imagine the reaction if the Orthodoxies ask building a Russian church in a Muslim area?
You made me laugh by that British article about 17 little pigs 'detained' by the police. This ridiculous case shows that we are actually weak and can't protect our civilized way of life.
I have been to many countries in Europe, Africa and North America and have made one strong conclusion for myself - let the Muslims go back to their countries!!!
> Eduard: The Chechen Deputy Prime Minister said yesterday that Chechna is closed for Danish organizations forever...


Have they already forgotten how Denmark stood up for Chechnya against Russia in 2002, when Denmark refused to deliver Akhmed Zakayev to Russia?
Well, you probably don't know that there are different tribes in Chechnya which struggle for the control over Chechnya. The current Deputy Prime Minister is a son of the previuos President who was killed in 2004. They belong to a tribe which is loyal to the Federal Government. Of course he is now against Zakayev, Basayev and others.
I really don't understand why you play games with Muslims. There are many examples when you try to make friends with them in internal national conflicts - Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia... Some years ago Norway actually opened its borders to Palestinians, Pakistanies Bosnian Muslims etc. What for? Did the Norwegians believe that it would be only the best specialists coming from these countries?
Today you hide them in your countries as political fugitives, tomorrow they send shaids to our metro. I only hope that after attacks in London, some Brits have changed their views at this problem.
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