The Koran and the life of the Prophet MohammedThe book which supposedly is the source of the cartoon rage, "The Koran and the life of the Prophet Mohammed", was published a week ago - without anybody noticing. Well, why should the imams care about the real thing, when they already have all the false Mohammed drawings they need? The drawings from the new book can be seen

I asked the question in an earlier post, "from whence do they come, these 72 virgins who are assigned to serve Mohamed Atta et al?" Well, I found the depressing answer in an interview with an unsuccessful(?) suicide bomber in an Israeli prison Women on the edge of destruction:

Reporter: "Why did you become a martyr?"
Woman: "Because of my religion. I am very religious."
Reporter: "But there is nothing written in the Koran about women shaid [martyrs]."
Woman: "For the holy war (Jihad), there is no difference between men and women."
Reporter: "According to the Koran, male martyrs are welcomed to paradise by 72 beautiful virgins; and women martyrs?"
Woman: "A woman martyr will be the person in charge, the manager, the officer of the 72 virgins, the fairest of the fair."

You think that's sad? Well how about this: In Damascus, capitol of Syria, Scandinavian embassies were set on fire and in Denmark the 12 cartoonists fear for their lives.

This is all so depressing - let's have some jokes. How about the one about Islam being a religion of peace - that joke always brings a tear to my eye. It's good that some people still have a highly developed sense of humour: The Religious Policeman PBUH (Piss-funny jokes Be Upon Him)

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