The Western Standard in Canada decided to re-print some of the cartoons, in order to show its readers what all the fuzz is about. The results were the usual: Boycotts and lawsuits, so Western Standard decided to send the following letter to all of its subscribers:

Dear Western Standard reader,

By now you have probably heard about our decision to publish the Danish cartoons -- those same cartoons that have been the excuse for riots around the world.

We believe that reprinting the cartoons is essential to properly telling that news story, which is why we did it. We also published them as a symbol of our freedom of the press, and in defiance of those around the world who would censor us through threats of violence.

I've never been more proud of our magazine.

Not everyone is happy with us, of course. A Calgary Muslim leader has reported us to the police, trying to get them to charge me with hate crimes. He has also filed a complaint against us with the human rights commission on the same grounds. Ironically, he has called our freedom of the press "intellectual terrorism".

Those are nuisance suits, of course. But the idea is to cost us money and time, break our spirit, erode our freedom of speech, and teach a lesson to all other media: that anyone who doesn't censor themselves will be made to wish they did.

The threats are working. Already, many Canadian magazine retailers who normally carry the Western Standard have caved in, announcing -- even before they see our new issue -- that they won't put us on their shelves. Again, the purpose of the censors is obvious: hurt our magazine economically, and make an example of us as a warning to all other media.

That's why I'm writing to you today: to ask for your help. Please do three things:

1. Let me know how you feel.

If you support our magazine's decision, let me know. Send me an e-mail to info [at] westernstandard.ca and I'll share it with the rest of our staff, to help buoy their spirits as we face this hurricane, to let them know we're not alone.

2. Encourage your local retailer to stock the Western Standard

Magazine retailers need to know that you value freedom of the press and your freedom to make up your own mind, and to not be censored by them or anyone else. Ask them to stock the magazine, or even to order it in just for you. You'll not only help us survive the boycott, but you'll put some steel in the spine of your local retailer.

3. Help us out directly.

If you're not yet a subscriber, now's the time to sign up -- a subscription is 37% cheaper than buying the magazine at the newsstand, and the money goes directly to us. If you're already a subscriber, consider renewing your subscription today, or extending your subscription, or even joining one of our clubs for enthusiasts by becoming a Sustaining Subscriber or a member of the Publisher's Circle.

You can find out more and do all of that right online, at http://www.westernstandard.ca/subscribe

It's fast, easy and secure -- and it helps us stay strong, and keep growing.

When we started the Western Standard nearly two years ago, I never imagined that we would have been at the center of a fight for our culture's basic freedoms -- or that the rest of Canada's media would be so silent, leaving us to fight this fight by ourselves.

But we're not all by ourselves. We have you.

Thank you for your help -- I look forward to your e-mails.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

In the mean time, main stream media have dug of some old photos from Abu Ghraib. CNN who were too scared to show the innocent Danish cartoons have no problems showing the Abu Ghraib photos in all their naked, un-pixelated glory, even though the events happened years ago, and the guilty parties have been punished long ago.

You may also wonder why these old photos - along with a video from early 2004 of English soldiers beating an Iraqi boy - are suddenly being distributed now.

Said Judith Apter Klinghoffer: No, the MS [mainstream media] has not just surrendered to the Islamists, they have emerged as their best allies.

Hi, Atiest. I'm a regular reader over at Viking Observer and am enjoying your site. My husband is a Dane so these cartoon developments have really been interesting (I'm American, but we're both living in Panama as ex-pats now)

Anyway, I thought you may find this funny, since 1) you speak english and 2) it insults all religions.

It's a flash movie done by the guys at:

"You are an f-ing moron" or Y.A.A.F.M.


Keep up the good work! Click the movie link at the top right corner to view.

Med venlig hilsen,

It's great. Thanks :-)

But it doesn't hold a candle to Taqiyya: http://media.putfile.com/Taqiyya78
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