In this Blog I have several times referred to Islamisk Trossamfund - the imams who have toured the Middle East in order to entice their brethren - and I have dutifully translated the name as "The Danish Islamic Society".

The might give the impression that "The Danish Islamic Society" speak for all 200,000 Muslims in Denmark - as the Society's spokesman, Kasem Ahmed, has claimed - but the truth is very different. A Danish newspaper has counted the members of the various unions - this is actually easy to do since unions must list their members in order to receive funding from the state. (Danish article)

The newspaper found that a more correct figure would be 15.000. Thus "The Danish Islamic Society" do not represent the 4% Muslims in Denmark, but only 7.5% of the 4%.

Some of the 28 unions, which were listed on their official complaint, did not exist - and others had never been asked, whether they wanted to participate.

One of those is the Youth and Culture Union from the city of Vejle, where the chairman, Yakub Ekici, states: "I have never asked to be added on that list. As a matter of fact I don't think the delegation should have gone to the Middle East to discuss these here Prophet-drawings. We can easily discuss it openly here in Denmark."

The leader of "The Danish Islamic Society", imam Abu Laban admits that his staff has misinformed, but denies cheating, "One could say that the list shows the truth plus sales tax."

Added: For more details on the exact numbers, see Islamic Society of Denmark.

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