I have told before, how members of "The Danish Islamic Society" have travelled the Middle East with false Mohammed drawings, which are far worse and far more blasphemous than anything ever published in a Danish newspaper. Imams Showed Pedophile MohamedScreen dump from the BBC, January 30th

These drawings appeared on the BBC, where imam Abu Bashar was showing the false drawings to official representatives from the Arabic League. The voice-over added that JyllandsPosten had apologized for these drawings - which is untrue, of course, since these drawings have never appeared in JyllandsPosten. (Danish article)

When imam Abu Bashar is not busy spreading lies about Denmark and inciting hatred, he works as an imam in the state prison in Nyborg. That's right, the Danish government pays him for teaching Muslim prisoners how to cope in a modern world.

In case there are people from Mars (or the Middle East) reading this: These blasphemous drawings have never appeared in any Danish newspaper - they were published and distributed by "Islamic Society of Denmark".

Imam Abu Bashar has declined to comment - as the entire "Society" have done for the last couple of weeks.

If you're looking for some genuine drawings of the prophet, I can recommend the Mohammed Image Archive and its Depictions of Mohammed Throughout History.

Everybody is talking, few is showing the facts:

The drawings can be found here: face-of-muhammed.blogspot.com.
> Everybody is talking, few is showing the facts:

You're quite right, but I *am* showing the facts if you look at the archive from January and December.

Thanks for the link
I would lkie to blast you head with the pigs dumped in a garbage tin and then blastit with an atheist bomb which is snorting lke a pig.
I truely wonder how a Imam, financed in his education can ADD a drawing to ignite a international crices being true to his religious teachings about being honest to God. Perhaps he does not really believe in the true God? Perhaps he knows the danish people would never declare a stage of WAR, and charge him for Treason against his nation? Because if Denmark had done so, it would be their right to excecute him. Sadly a message the muslim world would respect as it is using their own way of communication.
I AM PROUD TO BE DANISH! - I am ashamed we let som many forign people of good will into our country of good faith in manhood, only to discover to see people like this Imam destroy our good understanding of human rights.
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