Franz Füchsel

Mohammed by Franz Füchsel

The last one of the twelve drawings is by Franz Füchsel. Mohammed urges his mighty warriors to be cool-minded: "Easy friends, when all comes to all it is just a drawing made by an Infidel Dane from Southern Jutland". Wise words, which unfortunately does not seem to help Füchsel.

Füchsel has put the drawing up to auction: Disputed Prophet-drawing at auction (Danish Text). The money will be used for victims of the earthquake in Pakistan, so while Füchsel is sending money to Pakistan, the Pakistanis will spend money to have Füchsel killed.

If you have followed me so far, you'll have seen that the 12 drawings are 12 very different ones - drawn by 12 different people. Some are critical of Islam, some are reverent, some are indifferent and some are critical of JyllandsPosten and Kåre Bluitgen. You may not have to like all 12 drawings (or even any of them), but it should be clear, that this is not a "campaign to insult Muslims". JyllandsPosten has asked about 40 artists to give their contribution and those 12, who weren't scared stiff of violent thugs, have given each their own private interpretation.

If you still think there is malice aforethought let me give the final word to the artist himself - Füchsel states (my translation):

It has never been my purpose by participating in the assignment to defile or to belittle other people's religion. I was assigned a task and as a citizen in a democratic country it is my right to have an opinion about things, even if it may appear provoking.

Before those countries, where democracy is an unknown word, starts attributing the wrong intentions to us, they should clean up their own house first - and this is not done by sweeping things under a carpet, no matter how genuine the carpet may be. Where I live, it's allowed to criticize others without ending up at the scaffold - and one ought to learn from this instead of resorting to laws that belong to the Middle Ages.

Added: I have seen it stated on several sites that "from Southern Jutland" means "in the middle of nowhere". Well, I'm Danish and I have never heard that expression. People who make this claim seem to overlook the obvious (and true) explanation: That Füchsel hails from Southern Jutland. Believe me on this one - I used to work with his little brother with whom I had lunch every day for 6 years.

u all fucken stupides and we should kill anyone insult saidna mohamed 3aliho al sala w al salam egyptian mouslim
you will be all get killed sooner not later because when you start insult our beloved Mohamed peace be upon him, just wait for the punishment from all the Muslim around the world, and from God (SWT), whoever insult our prophet got killed, you can read the history.
Er? Didn't you forget to add: Islam is a peaceful religion?
It is time to kick all Muslims out of Europe and outlaw Islam.
It is sadly ironic to see people of such thin skin react to a few cartoon pictures. What of your constant depictions of Jews as rats and worse? Your constant threats of violence throughout the world in the name of your so called, "peaceful" religion? What a joke! Your bluster cannot hide your smallness or your oh so fragile egos.

Always concerned about your possible "humiliation" in the eyes of the world and never quite understanding that you humiliate yourselves. You put your women in bags from head to toe rather than grow up and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions concerning them. You mutilate their genitals and defile their bodies and it is all sanctioned by Islam.

The women of the West fly space shuttles, run multinational corporations, while your women aren't allowed outside the house.

Join the rest of us in the civilized world and get over your inferiority complex.

Not all Muslims are Islamist radicals, but all Islamist radicals are Muslims.
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Dear Muslim,

Just keep telling yourself those things, if it eases your pain.

If your women are so expensive, then why do you kill, beat and rape them?

And speaking of virgins,wasn't poor Aisha age 6 when Mo married her? Took her virginity at 9, wasn't it? We call that a sickness in the West.

You, whose heaven is nothing more than an orgy...How sad that you humiliate yourselves in this way.

Maybe you could work on giving the world something besides death and destruction, but I doubt it.
It is time to outlaw Islam in Europe.Meddle east was the berth plaice of Christianity,
is there any?
muslams are like ve,,,,

Please leave

Dear muslims,
If you do not like my country, please leave.
If you do not like the way our women dress, please leave.
If you do not like our separation of politics and religion, please leave.
If you support violent responses to criticism of Islam, please leave.
If you support terrorism in any way, shape or form, please leave.
If you cannot accept satirical cartoons in our newspapers, please leave.
If you do not support democracy or the freedom of speech, please leave my country.
Mohamed our god shall return.
Death to infidels of the west.
We will slave your women.
Your hose will fall. burn of fire to your man.
You will have nofood to eat.
you say that islam is terrorism, and we kill people. but u have to look at your selves, you viloated all human rights, look in iraq the usa and british are thiefs they went to stole our oil, by saying that they want to go iraq to liberize iraqi people from the tyrant presdient saddam, but u are liers they went to iraq they committed terrible things aganists human rights, they rapped women and killed children, the treated men in prison terribly they made them appear in pictures with no cloth and ddi them things that were totally aganist twhat the misson they claimed was , liers u came to destory iraq which has alot of innocents. look in palestain hundred killed everyday and thouhsand becaome homeless isreal destroyed their lives they cant go to schools and cant live a secure life. then u say we are terrorists how come, we dont go to an innocent people in a certain country and destroy thier hopes, kill their children, rape their women and take men and put them in prison abu graib and publish pictures of them in a sitiuation that totally is aganist human rights.
i think u nonmuslims are more terror, without calling u u come and destroy a whole country full of innocents and calim that u are in favor of human rights....shame on u ..but u have to know that evil never keeps alive it has one day disappear.
u steelers of our oil....thiefs not more not less with out our oil u cant live we do a great favor for u all europeans and americans u have to keep praying day and night that we supply u with oil....
and by the way mohamed our prophet didnt marry isha when she was 6 years old she was in her twentiees.
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Thank you for posting these cartoons, and for clearing the air.

As always, religion is being used as a mask for some sort of politics. I wonder how long it will take to uncover the politics? And I wonder if Al-Jazeera will be so eager to cover them?
> Thank you for posting these cartoons, and for clearing the air.

You're welcome.

You know, that was my intention when I originally posted the 12 cartoons: To show how harmless they really are. Some are negative, some are positive, and some critisize Jyllands-Posten.

Of course then I didn't know about the false Mohammed drawings made by the imams.
Dear Danist Artist

I am so glad for your drawings. I hope I soon will some new drawings.God bles the freedom af speach.
The democrat
Well - Instead of prostesting, burning danish flags and burning buildings, the muslims should make a pray to Allah, so he could bring them some humor into their mind.

mohammed surely had mental deviations... such as having sex with kids and cutting people's heads all the time...

O'Rly? Ya'Rly!
Piss on mohammad and the pig that sired him,
Piss on the Q'uaran
Piss on Islam
and Piss on all muslims
Yes begs on the women is really really wrong.

If you put a bag on your wife don’t leave in a country were it is not really a culture here.
You just look like an ignorant and imbecile who lives in a 16th century we are in 21 century were woman can do what they want.
Why all the fuss over some pictures? Those of us who have read about Mohammed and how the religion he founded started, know that acts of genocide and rape-like events took place and were shokingly recorded in the Quran and hadith. Mohd invaded a Jewish community called Khaybar in Arabia and killed all the men, shared their looted propery among himself and his gang of mercenary fighters and even had a dissagreement with one of his fighters over the sharing of the Jewish woman called Safiya. He later gave the guy 2 women in replacement of Safiya who was very beautiful and whose husband and father Mohammed had beheaded!! Mohd even slept with her after the killings of her family members in his tent. This would have been against her will as a result of the shock and trauma of having her husband killed and been forced to consumate a relationship in a tent. One of Mohd's body guards had to watch the tent during the night because he feared that Safiya could take revenge on Mohd. Mohd died as a result of poisoned sheep meat according to the Islamic book. This was given to him by a Jewish woman who took revenge on him for the attrocities visited on her people. So when this guy is depicted as being brutal, it is true as can be seen from several murders that were initiated by Mohammed against innocent people who did nothing to him even though the propaganda is that he ha to fight back as a result of persecution.

Mohammed even had MORE than 20 women who he had sexual dealings with (he was married to some and had others as concubines), while telling other Muslims that his God-Allah permitted it, but that ordinary Muslims should not have more than 4.

Please log on to : www.prophetofdoom.net to download
some FREE books that explain everything about why Islam preaches violence while at the same time lying to the world that it is a religion of peace which it is NOT. I have cousins who are Muslims as well, but they are embarrased by some of the evil going on in the name of the religion. It is just by chance that they were born into it. The religions of Islam, Judaism and the different brands of sectarian christianity claim to share things in common or that they are people of the book according to Muslims, but they are very different. These religious groups have caused more damage in recent human history than any other faiths, we know how these groups started. Indeed early Judaisms was invented by the Persian colonial masters of the Jews in the 5th Century BCE under the reign of Cyrus who according to the propaganda was the annointed of god of the Jews or god of heaven (Ahuramazda). All the other Persian or Zoroastrian emperor were called king of kings, lord of lords and god of gods. Any person that reads the so-called bible old testament will see a lot of Persian propaganda in it from Isaiah to Ezra to Esther and forward to the stories of creation in Genesis. This was what Mohd copied to form his syncretic religion. The game is up!

Please log on to: http://www.askwhy.co.uk/judaism/index.html to read how the Persian colonial masters created early Judaism.

I could go on, but I have to stop here.
I dont know where you read this non-sense . you seem to be smart and knowledgable ,but if you wanted to know the true meaning of islam and history , shouldnt you read our books ?!..have you read the Quran? ..well let me explain what is Islam first ..
Islam is a religion which guides its followers in every aspect of their lives. It is a way of life.

Islam is the modern or latest version of the message sent by God through Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Islam was sent to mankind through Prophet Muhammad. Islam is "modern" in the sense that it has come to complement the teachings which were introduced through Moses and Jesus.

Islam is a religion which seeks to give a meaningful purpose to our life on this earth. It seeks to guide us in fulfilling that purpose by creating harmony between ourselves, our Creator and fellow human beings.

What you will read below are some of the basic features of Islam.

The One & Only God
Islam is a monotheistic religion. It teaches that there is only one God who is the origin and creator of the universe. This is the foundation of Islam, and is reflected in the famous sentence which says that, "There is no god but Allah." (Allah is the Arabic name of God.)

The belief in God relates us to our origin and guides us throughout our life. The belief in one God shows that man should not worship any material thing or person in this universe.

By teaching that there is only One God for all humans, Islam promotes the sense of brotherhood and equality in human society--all are equally related to God in the same way. The Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, says:

He (God) is One, God is Eternal;
He has neither begotten,
nor has He been begotten;
and there is no one equal to Him.
(chapter 112)
The Purpose of Life
Our life on this earth has a specific purpose; it is not the result of nature's accident, nor is it a punishment for eating the fruit of the forbidden tree. We are here according to God's plan: the wordly life is a test; it is a chance to prove ourselves as deserving of the eternal blissful life in the hereafter. God did not create us just for few years of this life. To be created just for this world's life would amount to a joke played by the Creator with the human species. Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, said," You have not been created to perish; on the contrary, you have been created for eternal life."

According to Islam, the final destination of mankind is the life hereafter. At the end of time, all human beings will be resurrected and will be held accountable for their wordly life. The life in hereafter will be an eternal life. However, whether it will be blissful or full of sorrow depends on how we spend our present life.

It was to help mankind in achieving this objective that God sent various prophets and messengers to guide them. Muhammad is the last prophet, and Islam is the final and complete version of God's message.

Status of Human Beings in Islam
Prime Creation: Human being is the prime creation of God. He says, "We have indeed honored the children of Adam; spread them in the land and the sea, provided them with good things; and preferred them in esteem over many things that We have created." (Qur'an: chp. 17, verse 70)

Born Sinless: Islam teaches that every human being is born sinless; no child carries the burden of his or her ancestors' sins. God says, "No carrier shall carry the burden of others." (Qur'an; chp. 35, verse 18). Each human being is born with a pure conscience which can absorb and accept the true message of God. It is only the social and familial influences which take a person away from God's message.

Accountability: Islam also emphasizes on the issue of responsibility and accountability of human beings--each person is responsible for his or her own actions. Although Islam teaches that God has predetermined the span of our life and the time of our death, it does not mean that even our actions are predetermined by Him. We surely are free in our actions and are, therefore, accountable for them. God only provides guidance for us to know what is good and what is bad. He says, "We created man of a water-drop...Surely We guided him to the right way--now whether he (follows it and) be grateful or (goes astray and) be ungrateful is up to him." (Qur'an: chp. 76, verse 3).

Race: Islam very categorically rejects racial discrimination. It promotes the feeling of brotherhood and equality among its followers. God clearly says, "O Mankind! We have created you from one male and one female, and then We made you into different races and tribes so that you may know (and easily recognize) each other." Therefore, no one can claim any superiority over others based on racial or tribal differences. A person is to be judged by his character, not by his color or race. God continues, "Surely the most honorable of you in God's sight is the person who is most upright in character among you." (Qur'an; chp. 49, verse 13).

Gender: Even gender does not count as a criterion of superiority. In Islam, women are as human as men. They are not evaluated on basis of their gender, but on basis of their faith and character. Fourteen hundred years ago, the Qur'an recorded God's clear statements on this issue. Out of the four verses, I will just quote one: "Whoever, be it a male or a female, does good deeds and he or she is a believer, then they will enter the Paradise." (Qur'an: chp. 4, verse 124). So there is no difference in the degree or level of woman's humanity or honor in Islam.

The only difference there exists is concerning the role which Islam has envisioned for man and woman. This has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority. In Islam, man and woman are equalm in rights; but equality is not synonymous to similarity. Islam believes that man and woman are equal but dissimilar. Islam looks at their different roles in society not as superior or inferior but as complementary to each other.

The Religion of Peace
Islam is a religion of peace. This is evident even from the name "Islam" itself. ("Islam" is an Arabic word.) The word "Islam" and the Arabic word for peace, "salam" both come from the same root, "salima".

Muslims are taught to greet each other by saying "salamun alaykum--peace be upon you." The daily prayers also end with the same sentence. In Islam, one of the names by which God is known is "Salam" which means peace.

However, one must realize that peace can never be achieved in vacuum. It is intertwined with justice. One can have peace only on basis of justice. "Justice" means putting everything in its rightful place. If one starts putting things in the wrong places, then he disrupts the social harmony and disturbs peace.

Islam seeks to promote peace on two levels:

1. Peace within One's Self:

A person can achieve inner peace by creating harmony and balance between his main emotions (desire and anger) and his spiritual self. In other words, between his emotions and his conscience.

Human's spiritual power or conscience is not a static phenomenon: it has the ability of growth as well as decadence. God swears by the soul of human being and says, "He inspired to it to understand what is good and what is evil. Prosperous in the person who purifies it, and failed is he who seduces it." (Qur'an; chp. 91, verse 10).

2. Peace With Others:

Islam very strongly emphasizes on the rights which people have over each other. It seeks to perserve peace in society by training and urging its followers to fulfill the rights of each other. In Islam, salvation is not possible by just fulfilling the rights of God; one has to fulfill the rights of other human beings also.

Unfortnately, because of the Middle Eastern events of the last three decades, Islam has been branded by the media as a religion of violence. In recent years, the word "Islamic" has become one of the adjectives of "terrorism." In this backdrop, firstly, one must realize that the events in the Middle East can be fairly and fully understood only in the light of the post-WWI history of that region, in particular the promises given by the British to the Arabs. Secondly, no fair-minded person would allow himself to blame the religion of Islam for the wrong-doings of those who call themselves as Muslims. It is just like saying that the Catholic Church promotes violence and terrorism because of the Irish Republican Army's activites!

plz log on to
read the truth about Islam and our Prophet.
I'm not a member so this is going to be Anonymous.

I'm a dane and the whole situation is just becomming increasingly absurd as the days goes by. I mean it's just elleven innocent pictures of Muhammed and other folks plus one where he has a bomb in his turban.
You are free to have your own oppenien about these pictures (freedom of spech is great in that regard) but demanding an appoligy from Denmark as a nation (which is the case if our minister is demanded to give one) can only lead to disapointment. The problem is that if we say sorry we implicit say that we wont do it aggain and that means somekind of law that prohibits drawings of the great prophet. This ofcourse would not just undermine freedom of speach but throw it away alltogether.

Allot of people, including the president of the united states, say that with freedom comes a responsibility and respect for other people. Now this is all fine and dandy but in reality you can't have freedom of speach and at the same time not say anything that could offend.
Why? Because I could say "Yesterday was a great day" and there will ALWAYS be someone who thinks otherwise and his/hers feelings may even have been tramped upon.

PS: My english "suck" because it is my third language (which you should have noticed by now ;) ).
Islam's history is a violent one. "Allah or the Sword" is the clear teaching in the 109 "War verses" of the Koran. Convert to Islam or have your throat cut and your property confiscated.

How different this is to Christ's teaching. Jesus ensured that two swords were in the possession of His followers in the garden, the night of his arrest. To protect Him? No! To prove a point. "They that take the sword shall perish by the sword." He healed a man's ear after Peter, His follower, lopped it off.

Later, before the Roman Governor, Jesus responded "My kingdom is not of this world, else would my servants fight."

Islam created many Christian martyrs in its quest for world domination. Their reward is assured. The did not commit murder; they were murdered because they stood for Jesus and now they share in His resurrection and wait for their blood to be avenged, not by Christians, but by Jehovah. "Vengence is mine. I will repay, says the Lord."

Jesus died for everybody who accepts Him in faith. His blood is the only way to God and eternal life - not for an orgy, but to enjoy God's pure and Holy fellowship like the angels in Heaven.

Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but my me." And that included Mohammed.
History lesson!!!!

The Sabeans in Arabia worshipped the moon god, who married the sun goddess who gave birth to three goddesses. They were called Al-lat, Al-uzza and Manat. they later became idols, and were worshipped through out that part of the world as the "Daughters of Allah." The moon god was Allah, he was one of the 360 idols in the Kabah in Mecca. And Muhammed KNEW all about this. The crescent moon is everywhere in Islam, even Ramadan begins and ends with the crescent moon. Ask your mullah why?

Muhhamed wanted to create his own religon, he needed the backing of his powerful tribe, so he picked Allah the moon god which they worshipped, to be the one god. he declared himself to be Allah's prophet.
In the 1950's a major temple to the moon-god was excavated in Palestine. Two idols of the moon-god were found, proving Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan deity. There is a picture of Allah sitting on a throne with a crescent moon on his chest. The muslim people of the world have been betrayed.

(credit to www.chick.com)
Whatever you think!
There's no mistake in ISLAM!
Islam is a perfect religion!
Islam is a right religion!
Islam is the one and only that had a Ridla of ALLAH swt.!
Islam ok!
The other? NOTHING!!!!
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for all kafir
why're you hating Islam so much?
Bye bye
Wait for The Islam's Raise!!!
> hmmm...sorry i'm speechless
I'm wordless to discribe all the shit i ever did

I removed your post. Enough potty-mouth already.
> for all kafir
why're you hating Islam so much?

We don't hate Islam. Islam is protected by Danish law - just as any other religion.

While Muslims are burning down Danish embassies, the mad mullahs and lying imams behind it, are hiding in the West - enjoying the very same freedom they are trying to destroy.

It wasn't Danes - it was the lying imams - who made the blasphemous drawings.
excuse me everyone...im a filipino and i want to share my point of view regarding this very sensational issue of insulting and humiliating islam.you know what..you are all crazy and truly ridiculous...religion should not be the case here.i believe it's the fucking disrespect of some other people to the person whom others have considered to be pious.(Muhammad.well im not muslim or a sympathizer of muslims..whatever...my point is that we,civilized and christians should not instigate actions that may again put barrier between christians and muslims.the world is so much fed up with killings and violence that make it really unconducive place to live in...are'nt you sick and tired of seeing innocent people being beheaded by these people who proclaim themselves to be peace loving?????i think they are not really human.they are nothing but monsters...we should not waste our time with narrow minded people!!!!
It doesn´t surprise me that there are war in the world, and almost all wars are startede by religion and different opinions.
This world and its people really scares me sometimes !! Just look at all these comments, very scary.
HELLO to my Filipino friend and everyone, if you have read the post on the Bibelen Blog Homepage: http://bibelen.blogspot.com/ , apart from the twelve harmless drawings, you WILL even realise that it was a motor mechanic Jacques Marrot, the French Gentleman who without his knowing was used by the Danish imams for their false Mohammed Drawings. The picture was taken by the AP photographer, Bob Edme, when Marrot August 15th last year ran for the annual French championships in pig squealing in the southern French city, Trie-sur-Baise. Since December this picture has circulated among imams in Egypt and Lebanon, as a testament to how badly Muslims are treated in Denmark. And this has shocked both Jacques Marrot and Bob Edme to learn when Ekstra Bladet contacted them yesterday:
Click here to see the picture: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4159/384/1600/akkari1.jpg

NOW, I just want to add this: Muslims say that NO pictures of Mohammed are allowed in order to avoid idolatory, BUT the mass atrocities that have been commited by fundamentalist Muslims over the centuries while invocking the name of Mohd. and Allah their god and the violent protests, arsons, rapes, beheadings, slicing open the stomachs/wombs of innocent pregnant women that follow religious riots in places like the Far-Northern Muslim States of
Nigeria like Kano; Indonesia, Malaysia etc, and now the protests and arson over these harmless pictures (including the fake pictures from the Imams), shows
that the Muslim supremacists and fundamentalists who are the REAL CONTROLLERS of Islam, NOT the so-called "moderate Muslims" that a section of the West naively talks about, have turned Mohammed into an IDOL! YES he has been turned into an IDOL for worshipping thru indoctrination of Muslim children from an early age. I used to watch sheikh Ahmed Didat in the 80s on TV and I have read a lot of Islamic books including the Quran from the early 80s because I did not want people to tell me that a religion is bad, but for Islam, I have discovered that they show a great deal of intolerance to other people's opinions and there is an imposition of Muslim Arab tribalism/imperialism like language and Arabic style cultures on non-Arabs. When the religious riots, cutting of the wombs of pregnant women with the disposal of the unborn foetuses and killings of people took place in the Far-Northern Muslim States of Nigeria for example, the killers would shout "Allahu-Akbar! Allahu-Akbar!! Mohammadu rasullila" meaning Allah is great and Mohammed is his prophet.

Millions of people around the world including myself have noticed similarities in the mass genocides and racism commited by Hebrews in the bible old testament through "Moses" (Read Numbers 31:7-18, KJV: "Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.") and others and the same attrocities
were committed by Mohd. and his close followers as well. Muslim fundamentalists usually give examples of violent passages like this in the bible to show that they are NOT the only ones who have killed in the name of religion or god. The style of killing of the captured men and sharing the women/girls and spoils of war among the fighters of "Moses" is the same method that Mohammed used in the Quran and hadith. It is not strange that Mohammed or whoever finally
gave the order (like caliph Uthman) to compiled the Quran and hadith after the death of Mohd., copied several passages from the Talmud and the so-called old
testament bible which was compiled during the time of the Persian colonial masters from the 5th century BCE, who were one of the 5 colonial masters (i.e., the
Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Persian Empire for over 200 years, starting with Cyrus the Great who was a Zoroastrian,the Greek Empire led by Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire) and conquerors of the Jews before the year 1 BCE. The question that any body should ask is why did the god of the Jews (the so-called chosen of god) not rescue the Jews from these colonial masters? The self-apointed "chosen of god " is NOTHING but Jewish Nationalism! Ezra and Nehemiah were given the mandate by the Zoroastrian kings or Emperors (whose official titles were king of kings, lord of lords and god of gods) of Persia (now modern day Iran) to form the foundations of early Judaism which as we know was sectarian (early Judaism was NEVER one religion).
To show that the Persians had a strong influence on the colonised people of Yehud or the Jews, the word "Pharisees " of the bible is an English word derived from the word Parsi (or Persian), the Essenes who were one of the top 3 branches of early Judaism of the 1 BCE/1CE (formally called 1 BC/1AD),
where also a PRO-Persian sect living in Qumran near the Dead Sea. Before the Persian colonialism of the 5th century BCE, there no doctrine of Angels or duality between light and darkness or heaven/hell concept or even Purity Laws among the Jews. These concepts are Persian Zoroastrian concepts. If you
read the Old Testament passages of Ezra 7:12; Ezekiel 26:7; Daniel 2:37 etc., you will see where "priests" like Ezra which is a Persian derived name, was
refered to as: "The priest and scribe of the law of heaven and King Artaxerxes, the "King of Kings" of (unto) Ezra the priest! (Ezra 7:12)." In Isaiah 45:1-4, the colonial propaganda states that "God" (Persian Ahuramazda or Yehouah the Jewish version or Marduk the Babylonian version) had chosen "his annointed one" - that is, Cyrus the Persian king, (who, as we know was a strong adherent of the Persian religion.) Compare it with the colonial propaganda that was also given to the conquered Babylonians stating that Babylon's god, Marduk, had been awaiting a righteous ruler and that Marduk had called upon him,
Cyrus, to become ruler of the world. The Old Testament gives a different interpretation of these events. It describes Cyrus as Yahweh's agent and claims that
Cyrus was stirred by Yahweh into taking revenge against Babylon's wickedness and that Yahweh had "taken Cyrus by the right hand." (Read Isaiah 45:1.)
SOURCE: http://www.fsmitha.com/h1/ch08.htm (Persia, Jews and Zoroastrianism). SUMMARY: The bible that the christians and Muslims copied is Persian colonial propaganda filled with ancient Sumerian and Babylonian myths as well as ancient Persian or Zoroastrian teachings.

It is time for more people to know that early Judaism, all branches of sectarian christianity and Islam have their origins in Ancient Persia or Modern day Iran
via the Zoroastrians! Ezra who was an agent of the Persian kings compiled the bible from official Persian and Babylonian chronicles, myths and legends that had existed/where very wide spread among the ancient Sumerians and other desert tribes like the story of tower of Babel or even that of creation in a so-called garden of Aden or "Edenu" in the baked clay tablet Cuneiforms written in the Sumerian language which simply means a "fertile plain or land
around the area of Iraq( the bible contains 2 different stories of creation) Adam or Adom means "clay" in the Sumerian language, the so-called story of the flood and Noah (the name of a rain goddess) were got from the "Epic of Gilgamesh" which we NOW know was a work of literature and showed very striking
similarities with the bible fictional story. I could go on but I have taken time to write all these so that READERS of this Blog and article will know how tribal
religions were formed and they have now gone out of control while causing havoc to innocent people. We also know that there was no so-called "Exodus" from Egypt and the Jews did NOT build ANY Pyramids. Jews like Israel Finkelstein, co-author of "The Bible Unearthed" and Zeev Herzog an Israeli
Archaeologist from the University of Tel Aviv among others have said there was NO "Exodus" from Egypt but they were myths written at a MORE RECENT date in history to unify the people of Israel or to boost nationalism. In the book of Esther (Esther is a Persian word which means the Persian goddess Ishter), we are told that the Zoroastrian Emperor Xerxes otherwise called Ahasuerus in the bible married a Jewish woman Esther after divorcing his Queen on a flimsy excuse, but there is NO where in Persian history/well preserved diplomatic documents were a king of Persia married a Jewish woman because it is an abomination for a Zoroastrian to marry someone of a different religion because it is considered impure and the powerful Magis or religious priests of the Persian religion of Zoroaster would have prevailed on the king not to do so! Interestingly Muslims regard the Zoroastrians as people of the book. But the christians and the Jews like to downplay this so that their lay or ordinary members of congregation will not start asking questions from the so-called clergy or rabbis.

Like I said in an earlier post much of the bible is based on myths and the christians and muslim knowingly and unknowingly copied these myths from the
Persian inspired torah. These religions are tribal based religions and that is why there is an obsession with tribal or ethinic based teachings and preaching of tribal superiority over other people. It is these ancient tribal myths that are being twisted in the 21st century by the unenlightened fundamentalists of these religious groups. It is time for more Muslims, Christian and Jews to know the origins of these teachings that have caused MORE problems for mankind. We don't get these kind of problems from followers of other faiths or religions on our planet of 6 billion people except these 3 sectarian groups that I have
mentioned. I want to add that parents and grandparents are responsible for transmitting these doctrines to there children. It is time for their children and
grandchildren living in the 21st century and beyond to BREAK this cycle of religious inspired HATE. More people are asking QUESTIONS and Getting Liberating ANSWERS!

PLEASE Read the HUGE Articles On These Websites Again to Understand How ALL This Nonsense in the Name of the So-called 3 Religions That Started From the Middle East Began:

1.http://www.askwhy.co.uk/judaism/index.html (The Truth about the Jewish Scriptures I)

2. http://www.davidduke.com/?p=129 (Jewish Supremacism Preface by David Duke, PhD)

(Andrew Dickson Whites's The Warfare of Science With Theology,ChapterXX)

READ in particular SECTION V: "Victory of the Scientific and Literary Methods"

** SUMERIAN is the OLDEST LANGUAGE preserved in writing and it was written in Cuneiform script. Earliest records date from about 3000 BCE in Southern Mesopotamia. Cuneiform writing died out about the 1st century BCE.

4. http://spl.haxial.net/religion/cross/ (Christian Cross = Bastardized Paganism)

5. http://spl.haxial.net/religion/moses/ ("Moses" Killed Babies and Raped Virgins)

6. http://www.disinfo.com/archive/pages/news/id2842/pg1/ (new vatican-backed book demolishes many bible myths by Agence France-Presse - October 28, 2002)

7. http://www.geocities.com/paulntobin/index.html

8. http://www.geocities.com/paulntobin/othermyth.html

9. http://www.geocities.com/paulntobin/bibleanalysis.html ("Indeed the dimensions/measurements of the so-called Noahs ark would have turned the wooden boat into an engineering DISASTER because it is too long and to short, meaning that the boat would NOT have sailed properly!")

1. a. Quotes From The Talmud and Zohar: (http://www.truthbeknown.com/talmudquotes.htm)
Some Excerpts of Talmudic Quotes Preaching Jewish Tribal Superiority and Hate:

To communicate ANYTHING to a Goy (non Jew about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for IF the Goyim KNEW what we teach about them, they would kill us openly....Libbre David 37.

A Jew should and MUST make A FALSE OATH when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.
....Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17.

When the "Messiah" comes EVERY Jew WILL have 2800 slaves....Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D.

Resh Lakish said: He who is observant of fringes will be privileged to be SERVED by two thousand eight hundred slaves, for it is said, Thus saith the Lord of hosts: In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold, out of all the languages of the nations shall even take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you, etc....Mas. Shabbath 31b.

Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: "Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh; they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath." At the moment when the Holy One,

blessed be He, will EXTERMINATE ALL all the Goyim of the world, Israel ALONE will subsist, even as it is written: "The Lord alone will appear great on that day! . . .
....Zohar, Vayshlah 177b.

A Jew is FORBIDDEN to DRINK from a glass of wine which a Gentile has TOUCHED, because the touch has made the wine UNCLEAN....Schulchan Aruch,
Johre Deah, 122.

A Jew may VIOLATE but NOT marry a non-Jewish girl.... Gad. Shas. 2:2.

A Jew MAY DO to a non-Jewess what he CAN DO. He MAY treat her as he TREATS a piece of MEAT.
....Hadarine, 20, B; Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348.

Everything a Jew needs for his church ritual, no goy is permitted to manufacture, but only a Jew, because this must be manufactured by human beings and the Jew is not permitted to consider the goyim as human beings.
....Schulchan Oruch, Orach Chaim 14, 20, 32, 33, 39.

b. The Truth About the Talmud: (http://www.hoffman-info.com/talmudtruth.html

c. Truth About the Talmud: (http://www.principalityofcamside.cc/DarkAgenda/Talmud_The.htm)

d. All Hail The Jewish Master Race!: (http://www.conspiracyworld.com/ web/Articles/jewish_master_race.htm)

http://www.fsmitha.com/h1/ch08.htm (Persia, Jews and Zoroastrianism) Babylonian god (Murduk) anoints Cyrus just like the god of the bible!
ATTN: "What Is JIZYA?"

This message is a reply to
the one posted by "The Truth" in this blog. One thing which bothered me about early Islam is the issue of "Jizya" or "protection money/tax money" that people who had been attacked and conquered by Mohammed and his warriors had to pay. Why would the leader of a religion demand for ransome money or heavier tax from people in order to avoid being killed or forcefully converted to the new religion of Islam? Surely this is an embarrassment? This
continued even after the death of Mohammed.

In answer to your question about whether I had read the Quran and other Islamic books and Websites, I will say YES, because I wanted to know more about Islam and other religions or faiths from the time when I was less than 10 years old because I asked myself Why I was here on Earth? and Why there was life and death, good and bad, male and female, Why are the Jews the so-called "chosen of God and why this god was partial?" Why there was religious intolerance. In short Why we lived in a world of duality or extremes.

I used to watch Sheikh Ahmad Deedat (his ancestors originally from India) of South Africa's comparative religion programs on TV and he said many things
that made sense. But as time went by, I noticed other facts that even though Islam means "peace" (salaam) just like YOU said in your post, this is NOT being
followed by a significant number of Muslims especially in predominant Muslim countries, who have even had Imams make direct threats in Mosques and
University campuses that they will turn every body in the West and other countries to Muslims - I have been hearing these comment right from the early 80s.
That is why people have always been suspicious of Islam and Muslims even right before Arabs/Moors invaded Spain in 711 CE to 1492 CE (for 781 years)
when the combined army of ethnic Spanish and Portuguese defeated then and took their land back. This passion to learn about Islam led me to have more tolerance to Muslims but it also exposed a lot of negative teaching and intolerance being preached by radicals. I hope the Muslim ummah can find something to do about this because the way things are going, one day some group of tough guys in some powerful country can rise up out of extreme
frustration, to start wiping out Islam and Muslims because some of the teachings and agenda of the radicals are racist and are worse than what Stalin and the Nazis may have done. Its true! Fighting over some pictures or drawings is like turning Mohammed into an Idol or Muslims becomming so-called Idol
worshippers. It is because of this that some Muslims have said representations of Mohd. should not be made even though we have seen many pictures of Mohammed's paintings and illustrations that were made by Muslim illustrators over the last 1000 years on the Internet!

I noticed that You(The Truth)did NOT engage in personally abusing people in this blog and that is fine and shows a very mature mind. Like I said, I have cousins who are Muslims as well but they are very enlightened. Even my Great-grand father was a Muslim but some of his children belonged to other faiths. I used to be a christian but I left because I had serious personal reservations about the partial god of the bible who took sides by having Jews "as a chosen people"- which of course we know it is NOT true but just tribal nationalism."It must be said though that in countries with over 90-99.9 percent Muslim
population, there is usually intolerance towards anybody who says he or she want's to practice a different religion than Islam, he or she will be killed for
bringing shame to the family. These are the SERIOUS contradictions in Islam. I also noticed that in certain ethnic groups where you have Muslims, these Muslims are more disposed to violence and intolerance which have embarrassed those of us who have had contact with Islam. Arab Muslim countries distinct from Syrian orthodox christians, Lebanese Maronite christian Arabs,Iraqi and Egyptian Arab christians(indeed a lot of these Arabs had to run to places like the United States where they became Arab-Americans like Senator Abraham Spencer of Michigan and Lebanese/Arab-American Ralph Nader, France, Britain, West Africa, South Africa etc., to escape covert and overt religious persecutions from a Muslim majority), Pakistanis, Northern Sudanese mixed race Arabs, Northern Nigeria Hausa-Fulanis etc., can be VERY intolerant and try to impose Islam on you by force when the Islamic books indicate that there is NO compulsion. Interestingly some ethnic groups like the Ashantis of Ghana, Senegalese or Gambians of West Africa, the Yorubas of Nigeria, Benin and Togo (and whose cultures and Yoruba religion can be found as far as Brazil,Miami and Cuba) who are more than 50 million worldwide are adherents of
Islam and other faiths, tend to be very tolerant and you don't hear of religious killings and riots among them. Marriages take place among family members of
different faiths.

If you look at some of the earlier posts in this blog, you will notice some "Muslim" posters threatening to KILL those who have opposing views. I tell you this
is one of the areas where Islam has had a MAJOR public relations problem for centuries and I don't see it going away soon because radical muslims will tell you that it is the duty of all Muslims to fight and any Muslim who does NOT fight or take up the sword is an infidel and enemy of Allah. There are Muslims who even interprete the Quran by pointing to specific passages that say Muslims should have NOTHING to do with the so-called people of the book (or Al
kitab in Arabic.) Most even engage in this intolerance because of peer and community pressures and the fear of being labelled as different.

I want anybody who reads this to just ponder on this: "Why am I here on Earth?" "What legacy am I going to leave behind for future generations?"

I wish you all a lovely year ahead.
I didn't realize, how followers' I do mean followers, of islame, are so removed from any intellectual discussion. They will perish from their own stupidity.
"que triste", how sad and sick are our minds and mouths, we have no respect for each other on this earth. I am sad for our children and their children.
It is hard to imagine that this world has become such a hateful place to live. The Muslims claim to be peaceful, but obviously cannot stand anyone that does not bow down to them. Any religion that promotes suicide in order kill the infidels, and promises virgins in their afterlife is absolutely SICK. There is only one true God in heaven and Christ Jesus sits on his right side in heaven. ALL other so called gods such as Allah, Buddha and anyone else will one day bow down at his feet on judgment day and give an account for their lives. Anyone who is not found in the Lambs Book of Life will be cast into the lake of fire. There to live in hell for all eternity. It is sad to think that so many people will burn forever and forever with Satan himself in hell. I am a proud American and a Born Again Christian that will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. My wish is that all people would give their heart to Jesus and become saved to the wars and all the hate would end. President Bush himself would also wish this and prays about it daily. President Bush is a great man and will have crowns of jewels when he enters the Kingdom of God when he enters in to heaven.

RAB – Grand Blanc, Michigan – U.S.A.
I'm not a Muslim, but I have to say that some of the drawings were very disrespectful. Maybe I haven't been paying attention to the world but the last time I saw such drawings against a particular religion/race were drawings from WWII about Jews and the Japanese.

It honestly hurts me to see all this hating. Its not even the drawings, its all of these comments. Why would you threaten to kill someone for a drawing? I mean yes again they are disprespectful but I think that the reason that people have so many biases towards religion is because they believe that they are all violent and fanatic!

I think we all need to start chillaxing. Who would have thought that the 21st century would be full of war and protests because of RELIGION. I thought we as the HUMAN race were beyond that. I'm trully disgusted.
this is what i dont understand. if islam is a religion of peace, and christianity is the religon of turning the other cheek, why cant we just shake hands, call it even and just enjoy the planet we have. there wont be much of a planet if the gun carrying cowboy and the angry rich kid just dont duke it out in the name of their country. our world makes me sad.
I want to put forward following points:

1. I believe that these cartoons (if they are the one that published in the Denish newspaper) are totally unacceptable.

2. Religion (Either ISLAM or CHRISTANITY or any other) is the set of beliefs of group of people where every word, every custom, leads to GOD. So one should respect all religions. Talking or acting against other religion is not what religion talks about, it's all the intrepretation one draws from the words. If one do such intrepretation, act against such mindset (not people) to stop insult to GOD (All Mighty), and religion.

3.If we are talking about broad mindset here, lets have broad mindset towards each other religion, then why critising each other here on open platform.

Lets all follow the ALL MIGHTY, one who is omnipotent, omnipresient and he is in all of us, not in mosque, church or any other place and stop critising each other religion.
RAB's comments are funny!
These guys call themselves as messengers of peace! these fellows who talk abt peace talks abt hell and fire. how funny! Any principle and people that doesn't respect any form of life including humans, birds animals and trees is worthy only to be thrown into their own hell fire!
Anonymous wrote:
1. I believe that these cartoons (if they are the one that published in the Denish newspaper) are totally unacceptable.

Well, they are the ones published in a danish newspaper last year. Please explain what is unacceptable in each drawing?

Some perhaps, but all?
I am not a member so I may appear as anonymous
I am a Muslim Egyptian lady actually I am a Doctor, I am an assisstant professor in the university, and because I am very beutiful I chose to wear in what u called a bag!!! , that is because I feel more secure in such way - by the way all my colleagues & friends are very respectable and religious-, I am of course highly educated so you cannot think that Muslim ladies who chose to wear in such a way are enforced to do so , actually most of what u know about Islam is not true ,I invite those who are wise & only the wise to read & know about Islam , but the wise people will first try to read the original books about certain religion, fellowers or history, or they may choose to read all whether these books are shouting against or with Islam , I think it is time to try to know us much more closer. I would like to ask u one question: is it democracy or freedom to insist to kick the Dane Muslim out of Danemark only because u do not like them because of that problem ? they are extremely like you & its your country all .Regarding your sense of Humour, God & Prophets should be kept above all these issues your queen or primeminster is not like a prophet!. Our prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him), his story, his teachings & what He made for us is kept inside our hearts over more than 1400 years& will be thereafter forever, on the contrary of any other human being.
One more word, actually any of the God's prophets like Moses or Jesus are as Phrophet Muhammed (Peace be upon them all) We love all of them ,we respect them all & if any Christian Caricaturist draw these bad works for Jesus or a Jewish wrote anything offensive about Moses( Peace be upon them ) we also will have the same action . why not to read a little about Muhammed here is a link to read http://mohammad.islamway.com
I think we will meet later after trying to read more & more & everyone of us will have a new friend ,won't us? I hope so
> "I would like to ask u one question: is it democracy or freedom to insist to kick the Dane Muslim out of Danemark only because u do not like them because of that problem ?"

Of course not. It would be against a long list of laws. We can't just kick people out "because we do not like them". The 200,000 Danish Muslims are quite safe.

Abu Laban is not Danish, so I hope that traitor will be kicked out (like he was kicked out of the Arabian Emirates and Egypt and Italy). Because of the lying imams, Danes will be in danger for years to come.

It probably won't happen though. The Dhimmi leaders are too scared.

> "if any Christian Caricaturist draw these bad works for Jesus or a Jewish wrote anything offensive about Moses( Peace be upon them ) we also will have the same action . "

So please explain why the imams are allowed to produce, reproduce and distribute their own fake Mohammed cartoons.

> "I think we will meet later after trying to read more & more & everyone of us will have a new friend ,won't us? I hope so"

Go to this page, "skip intro", click "Prophet Mohammed Cartoon Protest" (in red near the top).

Watch the video and tell me how many potential friends you see.
It says nowhere in the Curan that it is forbidden to show mohammad !!
Even in Iran there are painting, so what is the problem ?
Oh yes, the fanatics want's to rule the world !!
To the Muslim who just posted before me: Does Islam teach to say such words to any people?? you are offending Islam. Please stay silent as your kind of reply will be taken as "Islamic" when it's totally not. To Muslims who send killing threats: Please learn Islam. You know nothing about it. May be you don't know how to read, maybe you don't know Arabic. As an Arab Muslim I'm telling you, Allah commands us in Quran not to kill the innocent, but only to defend ourselves and our lands when they start a war and to do to them only like what they do to us in war, and not more. To Westerns: Oh yes Islam IS peaceful, and from all religions there are the ignorant who just defend their religions without even knowing what it asks of them. And yes, as a Muslim Woman, I know we had rights 1400 years before Europe did. We inherited, We can get devorced by Islamic law, we do not have to marry the man who rapes us (like it says in the Bible) and moreover, when our prophet married Aisha he did not sleep with her until she reached puberty, which was the trend, not only in arabia, but in all the world. Polygamy has nothing to do with orgy. a man married to more than one woman goes to one woman at a time. Unlike what is claimed on Solomen in the Bible (we Muslims do not believe he did that, and we do not believe Lot slept with his daughters, we do not believe David sent a woman's husband to war in order to have her after he saw her bathing) and Quran LIMITED the number of wives to 4, and Allah said if you can't be fair to more than one, then marry only one. the Bible didn't limit the number. LARRY: We were the developed countries one day at the time of Andalusia, and we never kicked the non Muslims out, their living among us TILL NOW. Jews still remember one of their saddest parts of history when Europeans took over in Spain and Muslims were out. Both Westerns and Muslims, have an open mind and try a better conversation. Westerns, stop denying that you learnt alot from Arabs and Muslims to get thru from dark ages to rennaissence. Since you are developed, you know how to read, and read from original sources. Muslims, Prophet peace be upon him said that if you believe in God and the day of Judgement, either say good or stay silent.
i like all this talk about fredom with limits. were is the fredom in that? im not a muslim so why should i be forced to your beliefs? as an american many things offend me, but dose that give me the right to dictate your rights? no.its simple. if it offends you, you have the right to not look, turn the channel or go somewhere else. its that simple. maybe not simple enough for your ingnorant little brains. im offended on a daily basis. but my views are not the same as everybody elses. and i understand that. just because you believe in islam WHY SHOULD I BE DICTATED BY YOUR BELIFES?
if you really think about it religon is kind of evil.
relegoin has started more wars, more deaths and murder and more suffering all over the world than anything else in the history of the world. why dont all the hipocrates pratice what they preach and live peacfully with one another with out violant out cries.



I repeat :

Please explain what is unacceptable in the drawing - for each one of them .......
Sorry if this is a double post - I messed up.

Any extremist fundamental religion is dangerous. Spanish Inquisition anyone? There are some Christian preachers that would gladly stone blasphemous people to death if we here in America were a bit more puritan. Jerry Farwell anyone? Extremism can be found in all bodies of belief.

Christian unforgivable sin? Doubting the holy spirit.
According to Hugh (posted way up there somewhere) the worst thing a Muslim can be is an apostate (in other words, doubting the religion you once held true).

Do you think this is a coincidence that the biggest sin is doubt in both religions? Religion is about control - that doesn’t mean some good can’t come from it, but in the end it is about asking you not to think for yourself.

Why get in a killing frenzy over a handful of silly cartoons that 99.9 percent of the world would not have noticed, nor cared about? Control. And fear is one way to control people. You think I’m going to post my address here so some nut job can put me in the ground because I don’t believe in his or her God? You won’t find a serious open debate ofabout the legitimacy of the Muslim religion where an extremist may hear for fear of retribution.

Remember Mohammed Bouyeri, who murdered the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh ? Theo’s crime, as you may know, was making a confrontational short film about the abuse of women in Islamic societies. The death penalty seems a bit extreme for having a different opinion - respectful or not.
Most of the muslims in europe and the rest of the world, are living peacefully next to each other. There are only a few sick minds who are trying desperatly to fire up the hate between muslims and other religions. Let us all keep our mouth closed how hard that even will be. After each word written there will be a counter word written ect, ect. Everybody is free to say or write down what they want, but sometimes it is better to do not so.
Be wise and stop this endless and useless discussion!!!
"Western Woman" wrote:

"Not all Muslims are Islamist radicals, but all Islamist radicals are Muslims."

"Not all water is hot, but all hot water is water."

I hope you see the meaninglessness of your statement by this analogy.
two religions, two races, one war. can i have two tickets please i'm cheering for neither i hate you both. i hope you all die, how sad, do you lot relise that these gods are shhh! MADE Up!!! yes just like santa.

always tring to buy us with money... dont send money to pakistan and go overthere to learn islam. imagine they make a drawing calling you a killer when all you do is work and contribute to this country. Im purtorican and choose islam as my religion and i tell all ya'll this, one thing is freedomof speech and oher thing is dissrespecting for a few dollars
Muhammed Umar
i am a muslim or at least part and...i dont get what the big ballyhoo is...iTs just a few goofy pictures? why cant anyone see that.Humans should have evolved passed the need for religion and start to act well...Human for a frickin change.
Watching Muslims and Christians fight over which one is right is alot like watching Star Wars and Star Trek geeks fight over which one is better!

I would like to believe Islam in general is a religion of peace, but until the 98% of you who dont promote violence actually DO something about the 2% who run around blowing themselve sup killing innocents, and lopping heads off of reporters, I cant really support you too much.

Along those lines, many Christians/Catholics have been and are pretty despicable as well; lets not forget that point. I dont see too many American Christians speaking out against the utter horse shit that comes out of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell's mouths, so when it comes down to it, both religions really need to walk their talk, get rid of their trouble makers, and get on with life.

But, I doubt that will ever happen as long as religious leaders are just as greedy as everyone else.

Sad. Man kind has had thousands of years and several religions that could have united us in peace, but instead they are obsessed with fighting over some crappy land in the desert, and the right to tell everyone what they can and cannot think.

"Muhammed Umar"

Throwing money at Muslims in the mid-east wouldnt work as well as it does if the MAJORITY of people in Iran and Iraq didnt WANT a western lifestyle... but they do.

They WANT SUVs, and western clothes, and KFC, and Hollywood movies. They want these things because they know the way they have been treated for the last few hundred years sucks, and they want to actually be happy for a change.
Islam is not a religion of violence or hatred. The common message throughout the entire Quran is one of brotherhood and kinship. These overzealous few who have taken the message of the faithful and turned it into an excuse to wage a costly and terrifying war against nonbelievers are the true enemies of all Muslims. They have brought these attacks, and this hatred, down upon all of our heads. The vile depictions of the prophet were a slap in the face for many of us, and the cartoonists deserve to be punished for their blatant disregard for the holy images of another culture, yet we cannot lose sight of the fact that we must return to our original ways of peace and brotherhood, even if the Christians and their message of turn the other cheek has been left behind eons ago.
> "Islam is not a religion of violence or hatred. [. . .] the cartoonists deserve to be punished"

When are you going to issue a fatwa against bin Laden?
The sooner the civilized world realizes that Islam is the worst danger to civilization in the world today, the greater chance do we have to avoid a total collapse of our civilization. We must simply eradicate islam from the earths surface, first then can we live in peace without fear of terrorism and insanity.
read the Holy Quran attentively. then you will never dare to insult our Holy Profet. infact he is not only Muslim's profet bt also the Profet of the Christians & the Jews. it's declared in their Holy Books also.May Allah destroy all the bad souls who insult our Holy Profet.
> Iftekhar "infact he is not only Muslim's profet bt also the Profet of the Christians & the Jews. it's declared in their Holy Books also.

Is that so? In the Bible I have it says:

Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Not even an angel is allowed to preach another gospel - why should Mohammed be?
dear all of the commenters! you say we love democracy! where is your democracy for all relıgıons? you might have been a christiana or un belıever but firstly you should be respect for every religion! you wrote all of your hates to muslims ım a christan too but ım not proud wıth you because we should be peacuful about all of relıgıons. ıts too easy to say bad words and make critizsms about it. but dont forget one day the same pens can draw jesus and god lıke thıs! be careful and save your relıgıon! dont let anyone to draw lıke silly thıngs about someones belıeves
Hey.. I'm a muslim too.. And I have got to say..
You other commenters make me sick!
You all are taking this WAY too seriously! Come on! Peaceful religion? Yeah.. peaceful, my ass!
Flippin' hell! Stop it with the threats already! The dude apologised! What more do you want? Jeez...
Yeah, I know.. we are forbiddened to draw the prophet.. And they did it.. And they are doomed to hell.. blah blah blah!
But do they know that? I don't think so.. They have an entirely different belief, FYI. For pete's sake! Islam is not the ONLY religion in the world, y'know?

Besides.. In their eyes, we are no different. Ever thought of that? No? You threatening commentors should be ashamed of yourselves and think about what Mr Füchsel is doing for those in Pakistan.
Yeah, he drew the prophet.. and he's 'gonna be hunted down.. blahblahblah'
For heaven's sake! While you all are busy setting bounties on his head, He is busy raising money for the earthquake victims in Pakistan.

I say, all you other commenters should think before posting ridiculous threats, and accept the fact that we're not the ONLY religion in the world.
I WAS REALLY LAUGHING SOME 1 SAYING PROFETEMOHAMED(CSW)HE MARRIED IASHA WHEN SHE WAS 6,MAN U WRONG SHE WAS WOMEN, AND EVERY 1 KNWS THIS WORLD YOU GUSY ARE ALL GAYS AND LESBIANS SEE ALLAAH SENDED TO YOU PEOPLE AIDS.AJAJA U DIDNT FOND IT ANY CURE,COS EVERTIME U WRITNG AGAINST HOLLY PFOFET,If yr religion is right then why all the time writing or saying bad words against Mohamed(scw)?i tell u what u beleiev is ur immagination.u are satan,u dont know what u saying..islam is true and only last religion Allah send it Rasuul MOHAMED(WCS)one more thing.you people are lesbians gays.terrorist.killing everyday muslims. we Will Win.no worries..GOD IS CREAT,ALLAAH AKBAR unbelievers alyws got cheap mind
dear all,

I have just read a few comments and I could not complete

For the democratic painter, who lives in a democratic country, you speak about your right. What about my prophet right to not be mocked like this way? What about my right to not be hurt by these cartoons. I am sure you did not bother yourself and make a little effort to read about him from the right books before you draw these cartoons, even it is his right. The first low for democratic person or democratic country sir is to respect the others rights as well as you respect your right.

I do not think you even care, what ever? If you stop one second and think what if we were right? What if, Mohammed is the prophet of god? What if, the Islamic is the true religion? Can you imagine; what kind of punishment could you get from god?

I also know you do not care about that too; for me, I believe in god and my prophet Mohammed and trust that after our short lives god will settle all our accounts and give all of us the fair reward for our actions.

I am neither a Christ ion nor Jew, but I respect both religions and I would never think of mocked them in public. For the western woman, I am a Moslem woman and very religion too, I have a master degree with a very successful Job, and I have scientific published papers in international conferences. Is that enough to convince you that Islam is a civilized religion, and it gives the woman all her right plus it reserves her. I have many friends that are Moslems and married and have a successful career, I do not know why the media insist to give the wrong picture about the Moslems women.

Please, read and see from a moderate view before you judge or say your opinion.
al salam alikom
(as u all see our greating is about peace)
first of all i want to say it's not the fault of the danes only .. it's the fault of the disrespectful media and at first our fault because the foreign media wants to seize any bad behaviour for a muslim to show it allover their countries ... and we give them this chance by straying away far from what prophet muhammad (peace be upon him)has taught us
and as a way of of obey him i should talk in a respectful way and calm down my anger
i'm a muslim girl that's very proud of my hijab that preserves my dignity and modesty and raise my value , as i'm not a cheap model that anyone can enjoy looking at my body ...i'm far more expensive that this
so we muslim girls don't need you to give us any liberty as we wear hijab with our own desire when we are completely convinced
al salam 3alikom ( peace be upon you)
al sayeda Aisha wasn't 6 years old when the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) married her and she wasn't his first wife his first wife was al sayeda Khadija and she was 40 years old while he was just 25 years old
i gained prophet Muhammad and i didn't lose prophet Jesus , prophet Moses
because my religion and my prophet ordered me to respect all prophets and all religions because they all are the messengers of God to lead us to the right way
At present we have 6.5 billion people, in another 12 years we'll have 12 billion. That's more than the earth can sustain. I think it's time to start cleaning house, and I think the Middle East would be a perfect place to start. Let's just Nuke those mofo's and nip this in the bud.
who ever is getting pissed cause of this stupid drawing is just a fagget and all those fuckers that said are women are bad? atleast they aint butugly looken wannabe's so if u think this countrys bad all i gotta say is...go suck a dick an leave.
U christians are all bastards. Did you know that on average, a christian women have 6-7 different sex partners before she settles down with 1. Man, your mama's had been suckin' cocks all this time and I'm sure one of them had been a muslim "COCK" Your mama's and sisters had been fucked by muslims.

Is that old trash your real father? Ask your mom. I'm sure you're illegitimate. You are a bastard. Just as your own fuckin' bible describes you.

If we muslims are so bad then why are your sisters getting married to muslims? Wanna know why? 'Cause you are not men enough to take responsibility. No wonder they wander about lookin' for cocks to suck on just like your mama did when she was their age.

Man your priests and preachers are child molesters. I'm sure your fathers and yourselves had been sexually molested by them. These bastard priests and your fuckin' pope are all gays. No wonder your pope doesn't get married. Fuckin' shit.

You people sell your mothers and sisters. You let them go out and show flesh so that you can sit in the comfort of your their homes and get fed on their earnings.

You christians are a disgrace. You make me vomit. Why don't you go and check with your sister if she is still a virgin. If you do not have a sister then ask your mom who took her virginity. I'm sure she's gonna say your dad, that is if you have one. Don't tell me she said he passed away. I've heard that before. Where is he? In heaven, with the pope.
Where is it written in the laws of Denmark that we have to respect all religious beliefs through silence? Religion is promoted all the time, I feel I am just as entitled to comment on what is said, as long as it is done in a peaceful manner.

How can a recent immigrant Muslim, who has had great kindness shown to him, in the form of being given refugee status by Denmark, expect everyone in that country to change the way they conduct themselves so as not to offend him?

To be invited as a guest into another country, when you have no home of your own. Then to turn on and threaten and commit violence on the very citizens who took you in, because something that some of those citizens wrote upsets you is exceedingly ungracious. It also stands counter to everything the West stands for. Do not expect people in Denmark to open their doors in the future to more of Muslim's if this is how they behave.

Just as Westerner's living in Muslim countries should obey that countries laws and understand their customs, Muslims in the West must understand that things are done differently. People in the West have a right to say whatever they like about any religion - it is something that secular people in the West fought a very long time for.

If either party dislikes the country they are residing in, then let them return to their country of origin so that they may be happy there, and do not make people in their guest country unhappy. Simple and Fair?

First generation Muslim refugees conducting themselves in this manner will certainly make Western countries that take in refugees from that part of the world think twice, and cause anti immigration forces to have more power within those countries to stop other Muslim people from coming.

Although extreme rudeness and threats seems to be the order of the day for some people posting it does seem counter productive, actually reinforcing existing suspicions and stereotypes!

The comment about "we are coming to take your women as war booty", or derogatory comments regarding gay people and suggesting all westerners are gay is wrong on so many levels that it makes the person who said it look exceedingly foolish and ignorant.

To quote Monty Python (a Christian satire that is now a classic, and did have people peacefully protecting about it at the time.)

Brian: Look, you've got it all wrong! You don't NEED to follow ME, you don't NEED to follow ANYBODY! You've got to think for yourselves! You're ALL individuals!

The Crowd (in unison): Yes! We're all individuals!

Brian: You're all different!

The Crowd (in unison): Yes, we ARE all different!

Man in Crowd: I'm not...

The Crowd: Shhh!
first, As A muslim I won't insult u or say bad words but I will tell that u made a BIG MISTAKE when insult our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and do u think ur bad action would affect him or affect us NO, U were totally WRONG cause we LOVE him more than ourselves.
Second, when prophet of ISLAM married that 9 yrs old girl (her name Aisha) she was in puberty age and that means she is ready to marry and did she complain to u?
what about ur girls who are sexually active and get pregnant at age of 9,10,11,12.....? what about children porn in ur sociaty?
what about raping sisters and mothers in ur sociaty? you are animals people, Don't u see that u r a movied sex machine.
in our sociaty women treated as queens not sex tool like yours, so shutup and fix first ur problems then u can talk about the others.

finally, I want to say I am muslim and I am so proud to be one of nation of islam.
Fuck u all infedel
Really, Islam is fucking gay, muhammud borrowed from christians and jews, combined it and instead of god or yaweh you call the bastard allah, how origional, fuck you you piece of shit dirt merchants, I hope our troops continue to lay waste to your towel head country, shit on all you, FUck allah and all his followers, you all take it in the ass because Ilsam is for dirt selling faggots whos mad at the world because they cant progress pass the feudal age, Iraq? Afganistan? all the middle east for that matter? You live in a shit hole because you follow allah and I hope you fucks are laughing now your country is ripped to shreds and your families are raped and murdered in front of you by US troops, and shall it rain lead from the sky and allah wont be saving you because you just got mowed down by the infidels who will now drag you body off and bury you to the west so your god never allows you into heaven, either way we are sending you to hell bitch ass middle eastern fucks I hope youre fucking laughing now, terrorists? shit whats to be afraid of, you cats might as well be animals, my brother said you guys die just like them, and he also said you love every second of taking the life from a towel head, they have no souls. With that being said, your life is a lie, so is islam, no ones god is real, may you rot in the earth for all eternity, Hail Satan.
Fu(k Islam and Fuck Mohammed

Get Muslims out of the West
yes we treat all women as queens but we can stone them to death and beat them whenever we want
Action speaks louder than words. The best way to deal with these ignorant people is to hit them where it hurts. Danish products should be boycoted by all Muslims in the world.
dear readers
i'm muslim from egypt
to those who insult muhammed have u ever tried to read anything about him??
have u tried to know even what is islam and why that strong war against islam??
believe me if u tried to know u wil never say that

ican help any one to know about islam and leave it to his mind &opinion

plz mail me
Your cartoon means that you don’t have religion and you never respect to any religion even yourself. And you don’t know what respect is about. You don’t know retribution as well.
At the moment you look strong. You don’t care anything because you are strong. You may think you will never get older and weaken BUT IT’S NEVER. I am sure you will get disease or severe pain or injury by many means through accident or whatever when you become weak. At that time you will cry, you will recall your mother and you will request her, who is not with you and even not in your site, to save from the suffering. You may regret. It is retribution that you deserve from your past conduct, insult to Prophet and religions.
Don’t think that you are never OLD and WEAK. Perhaps you can avoid becoming older and weak by killing yourself, but your sins are always with you. You deserve for your past misdemeanor.


Mohammed fucked camels before raping his 6yr old wife. What a man of Satan. What a people of Satan. Death to all Muslims. We need a new crusade to wipe out the infidel towel wrapped, camel jockey muslims.
please - all Danish muslims - BOYCOTT DANISH PRODUCTS!!!

...that way you will all starve to death!

Now pardon me while I eat some bacon.
Koran = Bible = hate speech = should both be banned. Those who advocate violence in the name of any God or religion are simply criminals and should, like anyone else, be prosecuted for "counseling to commit a crime". What they DON'T deserve is any respect or deference whatsoever. Screw both Christianity AND Islam, and all of their hate-filled, fictitious "prophets". Hear that, you violent muslim thugs?
all Muslims are not terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim
why should muslims have the human right in the westernworld?
The Quran says that Allahs love for ALL MANKIND is much bigger than a mothers love for her child. The Bible says allmost the same.
It just seems that the interrest for power, domination and pride is much bigger than the will to exercize the core of almost every religion - LOVE. And that goes for both christian and moslem extremists.

Find God in your heart - not in your book!

I'm from Denmark, and I don't hate Islam. I hate when people - by aggressivity or even violence - try to surpress me and dictate what is ok and what is not.
For the lady who wrote this:
I am a Muslim Egyptian lady actually I am a Doctor, I am an assisstant professor in the university, and because I am very beutiful I chose to wear in what u called a bag.

What's wrong with you?? "i am a doctor and i am beautiful" - YOU think you are beautiful .... but as the world has not seen you (covert in bag and all)it is your perception. And if you are a "doctor" you should know that you are not a professor "IN" the university, but AT the university. Has anyone else picked up on how bad all these muslims are at spelling not to mention their vocabulary.

I have chosen to move overseas as Denmark has changed for the worse over the years. I now live in a country where all religions can live side by side without too much destruction. Denmark has no space for muslims - they go against the danish way. Read the Law of Jante and live by it.

To the Person who wrote " please leave my country" i could not agree more. Why don't you muslims stay in your own countries and protect it from all us "violent" people?? But Denmark is too good right?! We are helping you when your country has NOTHING to offer. You get free education, free hospital, free dental till you're 18 and i could keep on going. Your country if fucked and don't you dare blame it on us.

Go home.... but you are too much of a pussy too aren't you?!
Yes, Islam is a peaceful religion, you have to know about it when you read in Koran and the bibliography of Muhammad the prophet .
The one who judges Islam without knowing it, his judgement won't be correct.

Example :
When your enemy attacks you , you have the right to defend yourself against this attack, And that is happening in these days !

We have to know who is the first offender ?!

Islam gives the opportunity to every person to choose his religion, his God, his way, lifestyle without terror, without violence.

But the Muslim has the right to defend terrorism over him, his family , his country, his religion , and the justice. Even he has the right to defend for others ( not Muslims) when they ask to and when they need help.

Islam isn't sent for specific people only but for the whole world.

About Muhammad the prophet, he is a messenger from Allah. He was a man who had a life & a message to deliver to the world.

His position is very high in the heart of Muslims, so when you attack him by caricature, films, media,.. It's rude to not accept this defense from those who admire him.

As I'm Muslim, I have the right even all Muslims to defend your attack by caricature against him.

And I invite you to read Koran and the bibliography of Muhammad.

Read read read & more,then connect with real Muslims.

You'll see the difference.

Muslim lebanese woman

How did you know that?
Muhammad didn't do that !
Please read Koran and his bibliography from Arabic books ( sunnah )
If you seek the truth .
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