Arne Sørensen

Mohammed by Arne Sørensen Arne Sørensen has made an ominously prophetic drawing about free speech in today's Denmark. Just like Bob Katzenelson, Arne Sørensen has made a drawing of another drawing - and just like Bob Katzenelson, Arne Sørensen has ended up on the death list.

Annette Carlsen

I have to confess: I don't understand the drawing made by Annette Carlsen. The man says, "Umm ... I don't really recognize him". No. 2 is Pia Kjærsgård, a Danish Politician who is critical of the mass immigration from Muslim countries. No. 3 has a halo and is presumably Jesus. No. 7 has a sign saying "Kåre's PR. Call for an offer", so this must be Kåre Bluitgen - the author who had problems commissioning an artist for his forthcoming book about Mohammed:
Mohammed(?) by Annette Carlsen
It's a bit odd that both Annette Carlsen as well as Bob Katzenelson use the word PR, even though they could hardly have foreseen that the drawings would cause so much commotion.

One of the the other persons in the line-up may be Mohammed, in which case the drawing is blasphemous.

I am a non-religious person in Taiwan,republic of China. And I want to thank you for the detailed information about the story behind the 12 drawings. I think a true religious Muslim does not swear and type all the dirty words to insult you. I think those extremists who want the cartoonists dead are not real Muslims. I'd rather believe that all religions shall bring peace to people and the world, rather than violence and death threats to innocent non-Muslims. If the militant fundamentalist and suicide bombers are TRUE representative of Muslim, I think this religion must be flawed...

So far, I think the three blasphemous pictures the Danish Islamic community presented to the Arab world is to blame for the severe clash of civilisations.
i think you from taiwan ,it is non of yr business to give your opinion, just keep concerned about the SARs, and the dirty cats u eat in tiwan and the hazards that happens every year in your fuckin country.
everyone chill out and behave yourselves , stop acting like minors and grow up.
It's just a troll.
What the hell is going on? All of this is insane. If one truly believes something. I mean, has a real faith, then nothing or no-one can blaspheme. All they can be is ignorant. True?

Is this not just an excuse to occupy the small minds of a group of people that have way too much time on their hands. My advice to Muslims, Christians, Jews, the Militant Arm of the Cub-Scouts - in fact any extremists... be nice to one another, try to get to know your 'enemy' - it is impossible to hate something if you know it well enough - and get yourself a hobby, my friends, because clearly you are bored and have, as I said, way too much time on your hands....
Just a provacation. Northern europeans has not much problem in they own country, than they invite 11/september. I m Turkish & anti muslim person, but that is not meaning to say; Jesus is an s.o.b. or muhammed is an a sex maniac, buddha is sitting bull.... to the public face.
First, thank you for posting the 12 cartoons.

>I have to confess: I don't understand the drawing made by Annette Carlsen

From what I could guess,

1. He was called up to line-up to identify the terrorist, yet could not -- since they (all/any extremist) *look alike* from his perspective.

2. The white man is likely Christian, and does not recognize his own mesiah.
you re wanting that muslims are terorist.because you know when muslims saw this drawing they will get angry.they protest this pictures hardly.but you cant succeed that.we are peaceful people.you wont change this.lastly ı want to say that we are muslim we are turk but we are not terörist.
4 looks to be the budah
NORMALLAY, NO, NOT CAPITALS 4 U,- I wud not lower myself into the petty squabbles of inferiour insects with no back bone what so ever. U lot can read or think (well done!) but none of u understand the real essense within the universe u inhabit; u rather tirelessly preach utter; useless, irrelevant, makebelieve, nonsense concerning wimmsicle deities. People of this planet shud grow up & take responsibility VERY soon. Believe in yourselves instead of god/s which i truthfully say, Do Not Exist! Its hard to undo over 2000 years of brainwashing & conditioning but im up 4 a worthy challenge! Gary




"I have to confess: I don't understand the drawing made by Annette Carlsen."

It seems to me she's pointing out that no-one actually KNOWS what Mohammed looked like, so no-one would recognise him if they saw him...

It points out how silly it is to get worked up over a benign depiction (such as the halo cartoon, or the one where the artist is hiding his drawing of a portrait) since there's no way to tell any illustration actually IS him unless you're TOLD it is.
> "It seems to me she's pointing out that no-one actually KNOWS what Mohammed looked like, so no-one would recognise him if they saw him..."

Yes, it has been suggested that the cartoon is self-referential - that the cartoonist has been commissioned to draw Mohammed, but doesn't know what Mohammed is supposed to look like.

The only problem with that explanation is that the "witness" at the line-up is a man, whereas Annette Carlsen is a woman.
muslums can clean the toilets at my airport any day
get the fuckout from europa,
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Yes, Islam is a peaceful religion, you have to know about it when you read in Koran and the bibliography of Muhammad the prophet .
The one who judges Islam without knowing it, his judgement won't be correct.

Example :
When your enemy attacks you , you have the right to defend yourself against this attack, And that is happening in these days !

We have to know who is the first offender ?!

Islam gives the opportunity to every person to choose his religion, his God, his way, lifestyle without terror, without violence.

But the Muslim has the right to defend terrorism over him, his family , his country, his religion , and the justice. Even he has the right to defend for others ( not Muslims) when they ask to and when they need help.

Islam isn't sent for specific people only but for the whole world.

About Muhammad the prophet, he is a messenger from Allah. He was a man who had a life & a message to deliver to the world.

His position is very high in the heart of Muslims, so when you attack him by caricature, films, media,.. It's rude to not accept this defense from those who admire him.

As I'm Muslim, I have the right even all Muslims to defend your attack by caricature against him.

And I invite you to read Koran and the bibliography of Muhammad.

Read read read & more,then connect with real Muslims.

You'll see the difference.

Muslim lebanese woman

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