Bob Katzenelson

Bob KatzenelsonThere isn't much of the Prophet on the next picture either:

It's difficult to see, who it is that Bob Katzenelson has drawn. I believe it's Kåre Bluitgen (see photo). Kåre has an orange in his turban. This is a Danish idiom meaning "to be unexpectedly lucky".
Author Kåre Bluitgen
There's "PR-stunt" written on the orange. Kåre holds a stick-drawing of Mohammed in his hand, so the joke is that Kåre has promoted his career by calling his attention to his difficulties in finding an artist for his book.

Like I said, I'm not entirely sure whom the person under the turban is supposed to be, but the stick-drawing in his hand has got to be Mohammed, which means that the drawing is blasphemous!

Pia Kjærsgård
The real Pia Kjærsgård

Pia Kjærsgård
Pia Kjærsgård in caricature
Added:As I said it's hard to say whom various drawings are supposed to depict, when they are hiding under a turban.

It has been claimed that the person is not Kåre Bluigten, but rather Pia Kjærsgård - leader of the political party Dansk Folkeparti, which has a critical stance on immigration.

Look at the pictures and decide for yourself. Whatever the answer is, two things are certain: (1) The person is not Mohammed, and (2) everybody else must put up with routinely being subjected to caricature - except Muslims - because Islam is Above Criticism.

The woman in the picture is Pia Kjærsgaard, the leader of the Danish People's Party - a populist right wing party living off people's fear of the influence of non-western cultures.
> The woman in the picture is Pia Kjærsgaard

I don't agree, but you are not the first to say, so I have updated the post to add a few pictures of Pia Kjærsgård. You decide.
It's Hillary Clinton who everyone knows would wear, do , or say anything if she thought it would belp here get a vote... and eventually back to the white house.
To me it looks like Marianne Jelved.

I think this is the woman, since in this picture you can see earings in the ears .... which Kare Bluitgen doesn't have any ...

what do you think ?
I still think it's Kåre Bluitgen. He's even wearing the same clothes in the photo as in the drawing.

Pia Kjærsgård always dresses stylishly (or so my wife tells me). You'll never see her in hooded, urban streetwear.
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