Erik Abild Sørensen

Mohammed(?) by Erik A. SørensenAnother Mohammed-drawing without Mohammed

Erik Abild Sørensen doesn't pull his punches: "Prophet! Daft and dumb. Keeping women under thumb". I bet that hurts - but didn't we just agree that it was pictures of the prophet that were prohibited? Now suddenly, it is criticism in general.

It isn't Sørensen, who claims, that the al-Quran requires women to wear a "chador" or a "burqa". There are actually Muslim men out there, who make this claim - and they become the target of Sørensen's drawing.

If Muslim countries had more artist like Sørensen, they might have had a debate about women's rights a long time ago. Perhaps that's what they are afraid of?

Added 2008.03.05: Erik Abild Sørensen dies, aged 89 - proving that if you live long enough, Allah, the Devil, Sweet Baby Jesus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Zolzar: The Undying will get you in the end.

May his memory live.

fuck all daish people
> fuck all daish people

I'm glad I'm not daish.
get you're facts right... muslim women have had more rights than women in west for centuries!!! we are noT FORCED to wear anything... we have the right of FREE CHOICE... ! and "daish" or "danish" you still have done wrong
this just proves that stupidety allways overcome, if free speach is the right to say what you feel why dont they danes say that this is mahmot instead of mohammed?
And if the islamik comunity still say that this is mohammed then ask them how they know this? do they have pics of him that shows?
some people want democracy some dont but you cant sit back, watch tv, drive your car or speak in your phone while turning the light on in your house and saying that the danes or the whole european comunity have dunn some thing wrong, because excepting our inventions our way of live is excepting it all and not the parts you like.
Because then you can go back to riding camels and not drived cars with air condition in them.

Wake up and smell the coffy
>>why dont they danes say that this is mahmot instead of mohammed?<< its like ur saying call him josas instead of jesus or DONmerk instead of denmark ! now thats stupidety bro' ! ur not making sense .
>>Because then you can go back to riding camels and not drived cars with air condition in them<<<
commercial trading -havnt u heard of it ?!
Technology,Oil,Food - plz this is bigger than all of us -so talk about somthing that makes sense!
i am just wondering...whats wrong with wearing jilbab, veil, or burka??? hello....if you dont never know really bout what your talking about better not to speak. i'm a muslim and wearing veil so whats the problem??!! i dont feel anything weird like what you said, and those who say wear veil and things like that make muslim girls suffered are those who not wear veil...so how can you know something if you never feel bout this????
> I am just wondering...whats wrong with wearing jilbab, veil, or burka???

If you want to wear a veil, there's no law in Denmark to stop you.

The problem is that in many cases Muslim women are forced by their husband/ family / community to wear it.

For instance, Danish imam Ahmad Akkari has described a situation where a Muslim woman was not wearing a veil. Later on a young man put his hands on her shoulder and kicked her from behind. Akkari thought to himself, that she actually deserved it - and that he would probably have helped her, if she had worn a veil.

Amhad Akkari is a teacher, but was expelled from a Muslim school because be became violent, when a boy in 4th grade, tugged at Akkari's little sister's veil, so her hair was revealed. Unfortunately he only got a suspended sentence.

We have had the pleasure of another imam, who said that Danish women without veil were to be blamed themselves if they were raped. Maybe he did mean it so harsh, his Danish wasn't too good, but that is what he said.

Denmark is a free country - unfortunately imams like Akkari and Abu Laban are trying to establish a state within the state, where they can make their own law.
In this one, I agree, there are many moslem women out there who has no right at all and forced to wear these dress.

I had witnessed an execution where a woman stoned to death for an adultery crime that lack of evidence and that given to her because she's a woman. It was devastating.

You should know however, that it's not Islam or Koran that limited the right of women, it's the country the people. In other moslem countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei darussalam, women have rights as much as man, even more. And even in the Koran, when it comes to material, child custody and financial, women have more than man.

Mohammad never forced any of his wives to wear veil or burqa, he only said that women should dress decently.

Now, that is the fact, stated in the Koran.
Isn't that the same as stating that there is nothing wrong with communism.
It's just PEOPLE there´s something wrong with.











wake up. Im a muslim born in australia and of muslim faith. I practice and believe in the koran.What is wrong with the pictures? Sure they mite be taken offensively, if u want them too. I dont see any images of mohammed in a large part of them, and those that depict any should be taken with a grain of salt. Afterall would mohammed want us to be killing each other? Is that what the kalloran teaches? or does it teach faith & love to ?
Yes, that is what the Koran teaches. Kill all infidels. An infidel is anyone who is not muslim.It does not not teach peace . And even when you kill all the Jews and christians , you will be killing each other. The sunni, Kurds, and the sharia. And you honest person, You have not been to somalia lately or saudi arabia because they are forced. They are nothing but a baby making vessel.
Anonymous at the top should learn to spell. Although , the best muslim is an uneducated muslim. That way they won't know that Muhamed came onto the scene 375 years after Christ. You can't have an impersonator without the original. "Christ" The real thing
what rights do women have under muslim laws enforced in many muslim countrys. women are forced into mariages, murdered by those who are supposed to love them in so called honour killings. also can be beaten as there husbands right. segregated in many respects. and brainwashed to accept this sub standard of life. this is not to say that all muslim women are treated this way but unfortuantetly in many islamic states this is the case.
oh yeah and many underage marriages are enforced where girls even as young at 11 are forced to marry and raped!!
Please, lets have a reasonable debate. Women who wear the burka/nikab cannot say they do it of their own free will, "no one told me to wear it..." It is the result of signing up to what many theistic religions push and that is the subjugation of women. Try saying "no one told me I can't be an imam..."
I live in the UK, and here, as far as I am aware, we have similar freedoms to those held in Denmark (although in the UK they are being erroded, slowly), and they still allow free expression of ideas. If you are muslim and live in the UK/Denmark you are able to enjoy these same freedoms. If you want to enjoy the freedom to express your religion, you should also put up with the freedom to have your beliefs scrutinised and challenged without inciting violence.
The drawing says “Prophet! It’s necessary to be idoitic and dumb to keep your wife in submission!”

I know because Im from Denmark.

Btw, I love being a "dane", love denmark and would die to keep it
he died... wondering what waits for him in next world. i don't think a pretty one. what goes around comes around :)
i am happy i died. but i would be happy more if i saw his body under the masacre, to kill him softly...
-> "i am happy i died. but i would be happy more if i saw his body under the masacre, to kill him softly..."

You forgot to add, "Islam is a religion of peace".
Ateist, I applaud your efforts here, however I do want to note that many countries did already have a dialog about womens rights, including afghanistan, and have subsequently removed those rights because of what is referred to frequently as fundamentalist Islam.

Please do not insult the women who remember these rights, or the countries that had them. At the risk of sounding hopelessly American, looking at the economics of all viewpoints is the best, fastest and clearest way of understanding what is happening. I think you will find it really is as simple as this: Follow the money.

Poverty fosters ignorance; much of the poverty in the areas where women's rights have been rescinded is due to sanctions from the United States and the breakdown of the Soviet Socialist Republic, and subsequent withdrawal of Soviet government, which, although not desireable, had provided some stability that now is lacking.

Also, as the world continues to experience fallout from the downturn in the economy since the internet boom of the 90s bottomed out, countries are less able to afford to be generous to immigrants, and individuals in some areas can develop resentment toward populations that were hitherto perfectly welcome.

Add to this the rabid stance of America's current administration toward what it calls it's "War on Terror" and you probably have a lot of conflicted people acting on motives of fear. The war was devised to assure continued American dominance in perpetuity, to be protracted to divert dollars to Halliburton and other major contractors for unlimited periods of time. Anyone seen Osama bin Laden lately? Anyone care?

These are the larger financial operations that take place while the world focuses it's energies on blaming others for all sorts of things like cartoons and burkhas. They obscure things more horrible and difficult to comprehend, like Condoleeza Rice approving methods of torture.

Follow the money.

Thank you for providing this forum
Fuck off prick.

Stupid pervs, why should the danish care about what women decide to wear, most you perverts are too busy harassing half naked women and complaining about women having rights most of the time.

I'm speaking from my own point of view as a woman you wouldn't know half of it dick head get a life, you can't even draw.
How many women did you free? From whom did you free? To whom you freed them?

You can't answer these questions because you talk from your mouth not heart or an intellect. The true freedom is when one gives up his/her desire for the sake of Allah.

The women the modernists talk about are the highest in the sight of men and Allah. Their status is greater than the status of any other women in the world.

Read Quran and learn who Lord is and what He wants from us. Do not give yourself to your desires.
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