The hysteria goes on - and there is an explanation for this. If you have wondered why Muslims in far-away countries would be infuriated by an unknown Danish newspaper - here is the answer: Danish Muslims are travelling around and inciting their brethren and sistren: Danish Muslims in international offensive (Danish text, my translation):

[....] a number of imams and other leaders from Islamic congregations in Copenhagen, Odense and Århus has during the last weeks ploughed the seas and countries in the Middle East in order to make ministers, top politicians, leaders of organisations and religious people in general, protest to Denmark.

The main force behind this initiative is Islamisk Trossamfund (The Danish Islamic Society) in Copenhagen, and here Ahmed Said Assem describes the campaign as »a great success.

It appears that The Islamic Society of Denmark has spread some rather twisted "information" in the Muslim world: Egypt misinformed about Mohammed-drawings (Danish text, my translation):

According to Hanna Ziadeh, Egypt newspapers have written that there there's a campaign going on in Danish newspapers against Islam and the Prophet, that Danish authorities have plans to produce a censured version of the Quran, and that there's a movie on its way, which will show how terrible Islam is.

Information [Danish Newspaper] wrote Tuesday, that during the last couple of weeks a number of Danish imams and other leaders from Islamic congregations in Denmark- with Islamisk Trossamfund (The Danish Islamic Society )in Copenhagen as the main force, has travelled around in the Middle East to raise the case of the Mohammed-drawings. It is these people, whom Hanna Ziadeh describes as 'the Danish delegation'

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